How to Choose the Right Used Car for You?


Buying a car is always a very exciting and long-awaited event as today’s life is quite dynamic, and very often we simply do not have time to cope with the accumulated chores, moving on foot or by public transport Speaking about used vehicles, you can choose them endlessly. Of course, you can contact a car rental company and test every brand you have looked after, but you still need to choose it.

Today we will tell you about simple recommendations that will help you buy a used car not blindly. When choosing a car on the secondary market, it is extremely important to maintain a balance between its cost, mileage, and general technical condition.



In order not to get into a mess, you need to immediately decide on the price that you are willing to pay for a used car. It is not recommended to buy a car with the last money. In case you found your dream vehicle, but do not have the necessary amount right now, you can use no down payment car loans as an option.

It is best to leave a certain amount for unforeseen expenses that cannot be avoided. As a rule, they make up about 10% of the cost of the purchased car.

Moreover, in the case of a used car, other unpleasant surprises are not excluded, which you will learn about after the purchase. You need to be prepared for this. An important caveat: in the used car market, you can and should bargain. Under favorable circumstances, the price can be reduced by more than 30%.

Age and mileage

It is better to choose an “older” car, but with minimal mileage, than a brand new car that has to see a lot. Most likely, such a car was involved in the taxi service. It is better to abandon this option immediately. Mileage up to 60,000 km is considered the most optimal.

Technical condition

Its service life directly depends on how carefully its previous owner handled the car. It is recommended to check the service book of the car to make sure that there are no serious problems with the technical condition of the car. If the driver cannot provide such information, it is best to refuse such a purchase. Even if we are talking about a very low cost.

Road quality

To understand the condition of the car, it is necessary to check with the sellers on which roads they drove. The service life of the suspension depends on this.

Other operating expenses

In some cases, the cost of maintaining the technical condition of a used car may normally exceed the cost of a new car. In this regard, it is logical to inquire about the specifics of the service of this brand, and not to focus on the reviews of the sellers themselves, who assure that the car is in perfect condition.

We recommend talking to the owners of a similar vehicle and finding out what difficulties they faced during the operation. Similar information can be obtained on various forums and in thematic groups on social networks. Monitoring the situation will help you make the right choice.

Technical specifications

A detailed study of the technical characteristics is a fundamental factor in choosing a vehicle. At the moment, the secondary car market boasts a huge selection of offers for every taste and purse. Therefore, it is extremely important not to make a mistake in choosing.

If you do not want to bother with repairs, it is best to opt for a car with the simplest possible design of parts. But at the same time, special attention should be paid to comfort and safety, for which individual car systems are responsible.

Checking the car

Buying a car, albeit used, involves serious financial investments, so the most important thing is not to make a mistake in choosing. Of course, no seller will immediately tell you about all the shortcomings and roughness of this vehicle.

If the sellers refuse to conduct a comprehensive check to insure against possible risks, it is better to refuse such a purchase immediately. If they agree to check the car in your chosen service station, then they have nothing to hide, and this purchase option can be considered.

Test drive

It’s time to test the car in real conditions. Make a route in advance, including in road conditions that are close to your daily trips. If you are stuck in traffic every day, test the car at the nearest busy intersection. If you often ride on country roads – look for similar ones.

On the road, listen to whether the car makes suspicious sounds, and immediately check with the seller for their cause. Pay attention to how the car behaves on the road. Is it not subject to “ruts”, does not pull the steering wheel to the side, and does the car keep a straight course?

VIN code

The sale of a car provides that the sellers, at the first request of the buyers, send them a VIN code that allows for a comprehensive check of the car. This practice is widespread among cars imported from abroad.


The first criterion for choosing an auto is the budget. Based on it, we choose a car by filling, age and class, preferably according to the average level of the market. By VIN, we check for hijackings, arrests, and accidents on the bases. We look at the car’s general condition, body color, or repair after an accident. All electronics should work.

Remember – even official dealers can sell new cars that have fallen from a car carrier as unbroken. This promises problems in the future when selling. It is advisable to watch any car with an expert or a specialist.

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