5 Simple Ways to Fix All Video Streaming Issues in Spain

Video Streaming
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The movement to cut the cable cord has made streaming platforms more popular around the world. Streaming is watching an online video without downloading it, which is how most people consume media nowadays. Streaming services are cheap compared to cable TV but present new and unique challenges.

For example, cable TV only requires a technician to connect a cable or satellite TV to a set-top box, hook it up to a TV, and that’s it. Streaming, on the other hand, has many moving parts since you have to account for connection speeds, the capability of the streaming device, and the streaming service.


Also, people have discovered new tricks to watch content unavailable in their region. For example, you can use a VPN, Smart DNS, or a browser extension for streaming BBC iPlayer in Spain. All of these tools have their pros and cons, though. Luckily, we have created this guide to help you fix all video streaming issues in Spain.

Always Use a Premium VPN to Stream Online Content

There are many streaming services in Spain, but it sucks knowing you cannot watch Hulu, Showtime, Tubi TV, BBC iPlayer, Sky Sports, ESPN+, etc. Also, the Netflix, HBO, Prime Video, and Disney Plus libraries in Spain are limited and have lower content than the US. This happens because of licensing agreements and content copyright issues, which lead to geo-restrictions.

There are various ways to access geo-restricted streaming services in Spain, such as a VPN, a Smart DNS provider, or a simple browser extension. Using a Smart DNS provider for streaming is ideal when you want the best speeds, but you’ll have to give up your privacy and security.

Streaming services find and block browser extensions quickly, so the best thing to do is use a VPN. However, you might lose your hard-earned cash if you choose any VPN, you come across online. You need a premium VPN to get the best streaming experience, and you can’t go wrong with ExpressVPN, Surfshark, NordVPN, and CyberGhost.

Check Your Internet Connection

Nothing is more annoying than a slow connection when streaming, so you should always check your internet connection. You must sign up for an internet plan sufficient to meet your streaming needs.

According to Speedtest.net, an online internet speed testing tool, the median internet connection for mobile devices is 34.47Mbps download speed and 9.96Mbps upload speed. The median speed for fixed broadband is 157.31Mbps download speed and 104.79Mbps upload speed.

If you have a fast internet plan, you should not experience buffering unless you have a lot of devices connected to your Wi-Fi. So, check your internet speeds before streaming or when you experience buffering, and kick freeloaders off your home Wi-Fi.

Restart Your Devices and Clear Cache and Cookies

Have you tried switching your router off and on again? That’s the age-old solution to fixing common internet problems and is the first thing to do if your stream starts buffering. So, restart your modem and router and see if the problem goes away.

You can also try restarting your streaming device if you’re getting the expected speeds on another. If you’re streaming on a PC or laptop, try clearing the temporary files and cache from your browser to clear out the gunk that might be throttling your connection. Clear the data, restart your device, and try streaming. Here’s how to clear your browser’s cache and cookies on Google Chrome:

  • Launch the Chrome browser and click the three dots in the top-right corner.
  • Click “More Tools” and then “Clear browsing data.”
  • Select “All Time” next to Time Range to clear everything and give your browser a fresh start.
  • Click or tap on “Clear Data.”

Log in to the streaming service after restarting your device and see if you’ll experience buffering. Also, conduct a speed test to determine if you’re getting the desired speeds.

Lower The Video Quality

If your Internet is temporarily down, you should lower the quality of the video to keep it from buffering. Most streaming services like BBC iPlayer, Prime Video, Netflix, Disney Plus, Sky TV, and Rakuten TV automatically scale the video quality according to your internet speeds instead of buffering.

In most cases, however, you must set the video player to automatic for this to happen. A 4K or 1440p HD video is a real treat to the eyes, but it requires your internet to be at its best for an uninterrupted streaming experience.

Watching HD or 4K video takes up a lot of bandwidth, but if you’re having trouble streaming video, you can temporarily lower the video quality. For example, you can lower 1440p to 1080p or 720p on YouTube and still have a great streaming experience.

Try a Different Streaming Service

If you’re still having trouble with your favorite streaming service, try a different video source to see if the problem still occurs. YouTube and Netflix are reliable when testing the speed and reliability of your connection. So, if they’re working seamlessly, it has something to do with your streaming service.

In this case, contact customer care and inform them you’ve tried out a different streaming service without any problems.

Wrap Up

Streaming problems can happen in Spain for a number of reasons, but most of the time, the problem is with your internet connection. So, if you want to stream without interruptions, you should always make sure your internet connection is at its best.

Also, it’s important to note that using a VPN lowers the connection speed, but the difference should be minimal when using a premium VPN service.

These are the five common ways to fix video streaming issues, but you can also try updating the streaming app or device drivers. You can also buy the latest streaming device if you’re using Chromecast, Roku, Apple TV, or Fire TV, especially if yours is a few years old.

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