3 U.S. Cities Every Traveler Should Visit


Ask anyone who has traveled the United States, and they will name a city that you “must-see.” Each city in the country, and around the world, has its own characteristics that make them unique.

Citys like New York offers so many traveler benefits like NYC luggage storage, to make your life easier. And while you may not have the opportunity to visit them all, here are three U.S. cities that every traveler should move up on their list.

1. New York City

Of course, NYC is going to be the first on the “must-see” list. It is one of the oldest cities in our county’s history, and one of the most popular worldwide. Affectionately known as The Big Apple, it is one of the country’s “claim to fame” cities.

Whatever way you travel into the great metropolis of NYC, it is easy to get around without a car by taking taxis, or public transportation. There are even luggage services allowing you to safely store your luggage while you get busy exploring the perks.

Contrary to some beliefs, NYC can be a family-friendly destination. It is rich in culture and an opportunity to experience some of the greatest traditions in our history. If you happen to visit on New Year’s Eve, you can be part of the most famous celebration locations in the world – Times Square, for the ball drop.

If you travel during the holidays, you can go ice skating at Rockefeller Center and window shopping at FAO Swartz. There are very few cities more magical during Christmas than NYC.

Even if you’ve seen pictures of the Statue of Liberty, and the Empire State Building, there is no greater feeling than experiencing it with your own eyes. At least once.

2. Boston

Not necessarily a popular destination city in the U.S., Boston has a lot of character that makes it a deserving mention for a “must-see” city. First, there’s the long history. You can walk along Paul Revere’s famous trail when he warned about the British invasion. It is known to be the birthplace of the American Revolution.

Everyone remembers reading about the Boston Tea Party. If you visit, it is possible to stand in the same spot where that famous moment occurred.

Boston is also famous for its locals’ accents, and the Green Monster at Fenway Park. If you grew up in the 80s however, it’s possible that Boston only came on your radar through a famous bar on your television.

Cheers was one of the longest running TV sitcoms in history and was set in Boston. The show was filmed in Los Angeles, however, you can visit a Cheers themed bar in Boston’s Quincy Market.

Boston is also a walkable city, with fantastic views of the harbor. Although the weather can be cold (so can NYC), and there is plenty of public transportation to help you easily get around. Not only is the city itself accessible, so are the surrounding suburbs. Boston is a perfect combination of family living just outside of a bustling city scene.

If you love a big city with all its perks and the feeling of a small town, add Boston to your list of “must-see” U.S. cities.

3. St. Louis

Another unlikely hero, St. Louis is a city rich in history that is worthy of a visit. This city, known as the “Gateway to the West” due to its architectural arch, it offers vibrant city living and is grounded in frontier roots.

St. Louis is also known for its impressive jazz and blues scene, which keeps the warmth in the nightly club scenes. There is an abundance of parks and museums for exploration and educational experiences. It is also home to the county’s #1 zoo.

A cool thing about St. Louis is its very family friendly too. There are a lot of free activities around the city and surrounding communities. One of the best areas just outside of the city is The Hill. An Italian rich neighborhood, filled with fine cuisine in relaxed and beautiful atmospheres, it is the kind of area where you can still leave your door unlocked when you take a stroll.

Final Thoughts

There are so many cities, both large and small, that all deserve their own visits. Some of the more popular cities like NYC, are a must-see just so that you have your own memory of seeing them first-hand versus on someone else’s social media post.

Some of the less popular destination cities are just as unique, if not more so, and are worth your time for a visit as well.


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