How Can You Stay Fit on Your Next Cruise Journey?

Cruise Journey

Staying fit and exercising is important, no matter where you are. Even if you are getting ready for your first cruise journey, you should try your best to stay in shape. The good thing about cruise ships is that there are so many ways by which you can keep yourself fit and avoid putting on the extra pound.

Exercise comes in many forms, be it running, lifting weights, or something else. The bottom line is to just burn extra calories and avoid gaining extra weight and here are some suggestions for you that will help you stay fit on your cruise journey.


Walk or Jog Around the Track

Most midsize and large cruise ships have a side track on which you can walk or jog a few laps. The cruise ships usually indicate how many laps you need to run or walk to reach a mile and you can set a daily goal for yourself of how many laps or miles you need to run every day.

This will allow you to stay fit and at the same time, enjoy the fresh air and clear water views as you jog or walk on the ship’s side track.

Prefer Stairs Instead of Elevators

A simple way to stay fit on a cruise is to take stairs instead of elevators. Most people prefer to take elevators since they take you to your intended destination in no time without exhausting you, but if you really want to burn off a few extra calories, take the stairs instead of the elevators.

If you need to go up or down a couple of the decks to the pool, theater, or main dining room, prefer using the stairs.

Although this is a small activity, over the day, this can add up to be a significant one. Taking the stairs also has a bonus, as you will get to your destination much quicker, and you won’t have to wait in a queue for the elevator.

Take Advantage of Ship’s Gym and Fitness Centers

A cruise ship has almost everything, a gym, theaters, dining rooms, specialty restaurants, you name it. On most cruise ships there are even dedicated beverage packages are available.

Therefore, to stay fit on your cruise journey, you should take advantage of the ship’s gym facilities. Most cruise ships have state-of-the-art gym facilities and fitness centers that are equipped with all sorts of cardiovascular equipment and weight machines to meet your needs.

Using the ship’s gym and fitness center can be a great way to stay fit and avoid putting on extra weight. The only downside is that the gym can become crowded at peak times and you should schedule your workout during off-peak hours to enjoy your workout.

Take Part in Fitness and Wellness Classes

Cruise ships are well aware of the needs of their passengers, which is why they offer various exercise and wellness classes for all different fitness levels along with an Internet package.

Some fitness classes are free for everyone to participate while others cost a fee. You can check your ship’s daily schedule for fitness and wellness classes and see if there is one that fits your fitness level and style.

Try Out Fun Activities Onboard

Since cruise ships have all sorts of activities to offer, you can try out some of those activities to have a workout of your own and also have fun while doing it.

Rock climbing walls, ice skating and roller skating rinks, sports courts, sports pools, ropes courses, surf simulators, and more, are the activities that can you find on most cruise ships and you can try out all of the activities that your ship has to offer to have some and also lose some extra calories.

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