Payday 3 Logo Reveal Trailer Released


Payday 3 is the upcoming co-op first-person shooter action game developed by Starbreeze Studios. It is a sequel to the popular rob-em-up. It will take place several years after the events of the previous game. The game will feature four players working together to pull off the perfect heist. A new Payday 3 logo and trailer have been released, giving us a little more insight into what to expect.

Payday 3’s launch window was announced last November. While it remains unclear how long the game will take to develop, it’s clear that the title is on the way. The new teaser trailer for the game was unveiled at midnight. Along with the new logo, the video also gave us a look at the game’s setting, which will likely be a large city.

YouTube video

While the trailer doesn’t offer much else, it does give us a gander at the game’s main gimmick, a sweeping view of the city at night. In other Payday 3 news, Starbreeze Studio has signed with the publishers Prime Matter. According to Koch Media, the company will provide 18 months of post-launch support for the game.

Finally, Payday 3 has its own store page and is also live on Steam. In the store’s main window, it mentions the single-player mode and mature content. Also, it confirms that the game will feature English voice acting.

With that in mind, you can expect Payday 3 to be on the market sometime in the year 2023. Although the release date isn’t confirmed, it looks like we can expect the game to be available on the PC, and consoles.


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