Horde Mode XL
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World War Z: Aftermath is a zombie co-op shooter. It was released in late 2019 and has since received updates to enhance the game’s gameplay. The most recent Horde Mode XL update coming to the game, and will include a revamped weapon progression system, new skins, and new weapons (Sai Knives and Tri-Barrel Shotgun). The World War Z: Aftermath free Horde Mode XL update will launch on January 24.

Horde Mode XL is a new mode for World War Z: Aftermath. This mode is similar to the regular Horde Mode Z in the game, but it has been expanded to include a huge number of zombies.

The new mode will also bring a new map where you must protect a civilian camp located inside a shopping mall. There will be three gameplay areas connected to the mall where you will have to attack zombie swarms from reaching the civilians.


In addition, the zombies will be even bigger and will require a larger amount of processing power to fight them off. For veteran players of the base game, the update will also provide new mutators. These mutators will increase the difficulty of the Horde Mode, allowing players to face greater challenges while still being able to survive.

The update will include a special XL wave that will contain more than 1,000 zombies. Additionally, the update will introduce new mutators that will allow players to customize their weapons and skins.

The new update will also include a revamped progression system that will change how perks and skins interact. Players will be able to stock up on supplies, resulting in enhanced defences. Moreover, players will have to work together to survive higher difficulties.


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