The Callisto Protocol Hardcore Mode is Now Live With Patch v.3.02 and Its Free for All

Callisto Protocol

Striking Distance Studios has released a new patch v.3.02 for The Callisto Protocol which adds a Hardcore Mode, as well as performance and quality of life improvements. The update also includes bug fixes and a raytracing improvement for PC.

In addition to the Hardcore Mode, Callisto Protocol’s latest patch is also bringing a few new achievements and trophies. The Hardcore Mode will make things a little harder to locate health and ammo, reduce the value of your contraband and have enemies mutate more quickly than before.


This is a welcome addition to the game, as some players may have found it too easy. We hope this will encourage those that enjoyed the game but didn’t find it challenging enough to return for a second playthrough.

The update is free for everyone to enjoy and it will be accompanied by the Outer Way Skin Collection and Contagion Bundle for season pass owners.

There’s also a new story-based DLC, which is set to release sometime next summer. Those who own the game’s season pass will get a bunch of extra content as well, including new death animations, Engineer Skin Collection and a Riot Bundle that is similar to a wave-based survival mode.

While The Callisto Protocol may have underperformed in terms of sales, it’s still a AAA single-player horror title that could end up achieving cult status in time. That’s because it’s got a lot of potential to be improved across the board, and the developer has already pushed a handful of DLC out.


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