Microsoft Announces New AI-Powered Bing in Microsoft Edge


Microsoft has announced the launch of a new AI-powered Bing in Microsoft Edge. The company has partnered with OpenAI for this technology, and it is launching a limited preview.

The new AI-powered Bing in Microsoft Edge uses a powerful new large language model from OpenAI that has been customised specifically for search. The technology will help users better refine their searches, improve safety and deliver more relevant results.

Image Courtesy: Microsoft

Moreover, Bing will also feature chat features where you can chat with the search engine to get answers to your queries. For example, you can ask Bing to tell you how many minutes it will take for your flight. The AI will be able to answer your questions and provide detailed information about the topic you are searching for.

Image Courtesy: Microsoft

As a result, Bing will become a unified platform that will change the way people interact with the Internet. It will allow you to generate shopping lists, travel advice and trivia games, as well as summarizing information from PDFs, and more.

You can even prompt Bing to create content for you, including a travel itinerary, recipes, and images. The company claims that this will not only make your life easier but also save you time.

The new Bing with new search and chat features is now live in a limited preview, with a full launch coming soon. You can sign up for the new feature by going to Bing and clicking on the “AI-powered” button in the left panel. You can also visit today to try sample queries and sign up for the waitlist.


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