How to Get the Contact Energy Schematic in Dead Space Remake

Contact Energy Schematic

There are a lot of things to do and see while playing Dead Space, but one of the hardest ones to track down is the Contact Energy schematic. It’s a critical item for anyone looking to upgrade their RIG Suit.

How to Get Contact Energy Schematic in Dead Space Remake?

In Dead Space Remake, you’ll be able to unlock the Contact Energy Schematic after passing through Deck B: Processing in Chapter 7 and defeating a swarm of Necromorphs. There’s a locked room in this area, and you need to look through a broken window on the right of the door to find a purple lock that you can shoot. Once you do, the schematic will appear on a small table inside the locked room.


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Contact Energy Schematic

How to Find All of the Schematics in Dead Space Remake

There are 13 schematics in Dead Space Remake, each located across the USG Ishimura in a specific location. Finding them all will unlock the Merchant Trophy, which is one of the most helpful achievements to acquire.

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How to Get the Ripper Weapon Ammo Schematic in Dead Space Remake

The Ripper weapon is one of the weapons you will use in the game, and it comes with some significant upgrades. You’ll be able to upgrade your Ripper by finding the ammo schematics around the USG Ishimura in Dead Space Remake.

The first is the Ripper Ammo Schematic which you can find in a locker near the Decontamination Room Quarantine area in Chapter 6. Once you’ve passed through the Decontamination Room, you can look in the next locker ahead to find a Large Med Pack and a schematic for the Ripper Ammo.

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