Where To Find The Peng Trophy (Peng Treasure) In Dead Space Remake

Peng Trophy

As part of the Dead Space Remake’s gameplay, there are a number of collectibles that players will be tasked with finding throughout their journey aboard the USG Ishimura. One such object is the Peng Treasure or the Peng Trophy, a statue that is hidden in the Cargo Bay area of the game. If you have been having difficulty finding the Peng Treasure in Ded Space Remake then this post should help you.

Where To Find The Peng Trophy In Dead Space Remake

Thankfully, the Peng Treasure isn’t difficult to find, as it appears fairly near to the main route of the game. Despite this, there is always a risk that players will skip over the Peng Treasure without realizing they’ve missed it entirely.


The Peng Treasure in Dead Space Remake is located in the Cargo Bay, a location that players will first be tasked with navigating during Chapter 11: Alternate Solutions. This is where you’ll also encounter the Marker, a red spire-like alien relic that plays a pivotal role in the game’s storyline.

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To get to the Peng Treasure, you’ll have to use your Kinesis ability to remove some crates from behind you and open up a set of lockers in the Cargo Bay. This will require you to move a couple of large containers using your kinesis ability, but once they’re out of the way you’ll see two lockers and a Peng poster against the wall.

Once you open the locker, the Peng Treasure will appear in it. It’s an important collectible in the game, as it grants a “There’s Always Peng!” Achievement/Trophy and can be sold for 30,000 credits after you’ve unlocked it.

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