Godrej Splendour Phase 2 Review


My transfer to the city for work has prompted me to consider relocating my family to the Krishnarajapura area of Bengaluru. I want to make this move soon. The first thing that needed to be accomplished was finding an excellent location to dwell in that was conveniently located near my company, which proved to be difficult. This was the first thing that needed to be accomplished. This was the first item to be finished on the to-do list.

As a direct result of that occurrence, I was made aware of the Godrej Splendour. Godrej Splendour Phase 2, which offers a wide variety of one-of-a-kind conveniences and has architecture influenced by American design, was where I found my dream house waiting for me. To put it another way, this neighbourhood is ideal for me to call home. I purchased my complex for 99 lakhs of rupees, and as a direct consequence of that investment, I can now live a more specialised lifestyle.

How did I discover Godrej Splendour Phase 2?

My mother did not express much excitement about the possibility of our family moving to Krishnarajapura, located in Bengaluru. Therefore, for Mom to pick a neighbourhood that would be appropriate for us to call home, she phoned all her relatives and friends who lived in the area and asked for their suggestions. She did this so that we might find a place that would meet our needs.

She had to send out many emails and make many phone calls before she was eventually able to locate my aunt, who had relocated to the area with her children a few years previously. Eventually, she was successful in doing so.

She told me that she was already a resident of Godrej Splendour Phase 2 and that it is an excellent option for us because it gives all the facilities and the degree of security I desire. She also said it is an ideal choice for us since Godrej Group built it.

Godrej Splendour Price and Amenities That I Adore

As a direct consequence of the commitment of the design of each home to the principles, the environment that can be best characterised as cosy can be found throughout each of the residences; the house is listed for sale at an asking price that falls anywhere between 79.99 lakhs Indian rupees and 1.1 crore Indian rupees.

The following is a list of some of the amenities that, in my opinion, make the location particularly desirable:

  • Apartments that are outfitted with facilities for home automation
  • At the amenity zone, available pods have been erected.
  • Featuring the pinnacle of excellence in the luxury living space offered by Godrej Properties.
  • Backup power in the event that the normal supply of energy is cut off or in the event of any other kind of emergency
  • A place where children can run about and play freely while being watched over by security cameras at all times.
  • The community garden enhances the overall standard of living in the surrounding areas.

Three Reasons to Buy the Property In Godrej Splendour Phase 2

Location Advantages 

You should consider the potential seriously since it is a good option for you to consider if you are looking for a place to call home in a well-known neighbourhood, and you should also consider the idea seriously. It gives me access to a wide variety of potential benefits and advantages, some of which are as follows:

  • The project site is approximately ten minutes from Whitefield and ITPL, which are major business and information technology centres.
  • Location near several places of interest, including educational institutions such as Narayana e-Techno School and New Horizon Gurukul, as well as medical facilities such as Apollo Clinic and Sakra World Hospital.
  • Important destinations like Hoodi, KR Puram, Old Madras Road, and many more may be reached from the neighbourhood in less than fifteen minutes.
  • Important destinations, including ITPL, Hoodi, KR Puram, Old Madras Road, and many more, may be reached from the neighbourhood in less than fifteen minutes.


In addition to its high-quality construction and well-organised architecture, it comes crammed to the gills with the best amenities and beautiful design possible. Because of its convenient location and cutting-edge amenities, the apartment complex will likely be the family’s top option when finding a new place to call home.

In addition, the neighbourhood’s attractiveness as a residential area is enhanced by several different facilities, including a park, a fitness centre, a swimming pool, and other amenities.

Reputed Developers

Since the company was founded, Godrej Properties has established itself as one of India’s most prestigious real estate developers. It has firmly established itself as one of the top and most successful developers of real estate in India by stamping its mark across all classes.

This has allowed it to become one of India’s most successful real estate developers. It has years of expertise in the market and a diverse clientele, allowing it to give its customers the most advanced housing infrastructure and a satisfying living experience.

I am so happy that I got a home in the metropolitan city of Bangalore and even happier knowing that I made the right choice by purchasing it in Godrej Splendour Phase 2! If you are searching for properties in Bangalore, it would be best if you checked verified property listings on NoBroker.in before visiting the project sites.


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