How Much Time Does It Require To Prepare For UPSC Exam?


Every year, thousands of candidates prepare for the IAS prelims test with the UPSC online course. Only approximately a thousand candidates are on the final list of chosen candidates after the process. Additionally, since you need to get a fairly high rank for these services like the IAS and the IFS the rivalry is much fiercer.

The civil services test is not like other exams where you may prepare diligently for a month or two and achieve the desired results. Graduates from elite institutions like the IITs and the IIMs are among your competitors, therefore you must outperform them.


Regular Practice And Revision Are Required

You might worry about remembering all you read throughout the test given the size of the IAS curriculum. Because of this, studying is crucial for the UPSC test. Only consistent reviews can guarantee that you remember at least 85% of all you learn. In addition to routine revision, you should practice taking mock exams. By taking practice exams, you may get a feel for the exam, increase your speed, and sharpen your writing abilities.

How Much Time Should Be Spent Preparing For The Upsc?

As you can see, there are a lot of tasks involved in getting ready for the IAS test.

It inevitably takes people, on average, at least 10 to 12 months to thoroughly study for this difficult exam. There have been individuals who, however, might have completed it in only six months. Unfortunately, for many, even six years haven’t been enough. Many considerations are at play for a test of this kind.

To avoid wasting time studying pointless content, you need the correct type of direction and a sound plan. These are all outside variables that apply to everyone. But there are also a few internal variables that affect how long it takes to study for the upsc online course. Sincerity, determination, commitment, and perseverance are some of these intrinsic qualities. These criteria vary from individual to person.

The severity of these internal influences would determine how long it would take to study for the IAS test. Therefore, it is safe to say that the time required to prepare for the IAS Exam relies on the candidates, in response to the question we posed at the beginning of the article. While some people took four years, others were able to pass the exam in just one.

You may speed up the process of passing the IAS test by using the correct mix of external direction and personal motivation.

Questions Relating To Upsc Preparation

Can You Prepare For The Ias In A Year?

IAS preparation may be completed in a year. If one prepares well with the appropriate advice and UPSC test approach, one does not need to enroll in tutoring for the IAS exam. For the first six months of IAS preparation, students must bear in mind the upsc courses curriculum and properly study the pertinent material; after that, they should concentrate on revision, taking mock exams, and answering question papers from previous years.

What Should I Study For The IAS Exam?

Ans. The following procedures should be followed when preparing for IAS:

1] Learn about the UPSC test format.

2] Review the UPSC exam syllabus

3] Read through the UPSC past exam questions

4] IAS General Studies preparation

5] Get your IAS test essays and subjects ready.

How Should I Study For The IAS In Two Months?

Ans. Although 2 months is a very short period, it is nevertheless possible to pass the IAS test. Candidates should be aware of the following actions:

  1. Focus on prelims preparation initially, especially the CSAT paper, which requires more practice.
  2. Read all of the NCERT books that are pertinent to the IAS exam;
  3. Complete exam preparation at least a fortnight before each stage of the exam;
  4. Complete more mock tests; and v) Focus on your weak areas.

IAS Officials Are Paid while In Training?

The 7th CPC’s guidelines on Special Pay Advance govern how IAS officers are compensated while in training. At LBSNAA, an IAS officer is entitled to a stipend of Rs 45000 per month, of which Rs 38500 is the in-hand portion. There is a deduction of Rs 10,000 for food, lodging, and transportation.

What Is The Salary For An IAS Officer?

Ans. When an IAS officer joins the service after finishing training at LBSNAA, he receives roughly Rs 130000 per month, while the actual amount depends on the location and the type of assignment. For new IAS officers, the base salary is around Rs. 56100. A chief secretary is compensated with a non-variable monthly salary of Rs 250,000.

Were We Able To Pass UPSC Without Training?

It is possible to pass the UPSC without coaching. All that is required is the appropriate upsc online course, the proper approach, and the appropriate direction. To pass the IAS test without coaching in less than a year, candidates must perfect the skill of independent study and be willing to put in a lot of effort.

What Subjects Are There In IAS?

The IAS exam essentially measures a candidate’s capacity to use their knowledge to solve administrative issues. The subjects for IAS are as follows:

Generally Speaking (Reasoning, Verbal Ability, Quantitative Ability, and General Awareness)

Language (English and One Indian Language) ( English and One Indian Language)

One of the 48 optional UPSC topics

What Is The IAS Curriculum?

  1. Ans. Despite being extensive, the IAS syllabus may be divided into the following sections:
  2. Preliminary: general studies (Reasoning, Verbal Ability, Quantitative Ability, and General Awareness)
  3. General Studies: for the major (Reasoning and General Awareness)
  4. Language: (English and One Indian Language) (English and One Indian Language)
  5. 4The capacity to apply knowledge to administrative issues is tested in one of the 48 optional courses for the UPSC IAS curriculum. The upsc courses syllabus typically meets the requirements for the 10th grade, although some of the optional topics are more advanced and call for bachelor’s degree-level mastery of the subject.

What Is The IAS Age Restriction?

Ans. The minimum age requirement for IAS is 21 to 32 years old, although applicants from underprivileged backgrounds and those who have served in the military may be exempt up to 42 years of age depending on the exemption category they fall under.

Can I Study At Home For The IAS?

Ans. With the right resources and commitment to the test, you can study for IAS at home. To avoid distractions when studying for the IAS at home, the applicant would need to have mastered the art of studying. Additionally, aspirants should become familiar with the UPSC Syllabus and create a schedule for when they will take the exam.

Wrapping Up

For the UPSC prelims, from upsc online course a 6-month term is neither adequate nor insufficient; it all relies on the candidate’s commitment and willingness to make it work.

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