Shopify Vs Amazon: A Detailed Comparison And What To Choose

Shopify Vs Amazon

If there is a need to be in the e-commerce space as a seller, today there are many opportunities to make this process easier. Popular enough today there are such platforms for sellers as Amazon and Shopify.

Amazon is an online store. It can provide a marketplace for buying and selling. Shopify is an e-commerce hub. Today, he helps various businesses create online stores as well as manage sales.


Comparison of the main features of Amazon and Shopify

In order to decide on a platform to work with, first you need to carefully familiarize yourself with the main functions that these platforms provide, because now there are many differences between Amazon and Shopify.

Here you can see what are the differences between Amazon and Shopify for sellers:

Ease of implementation

If it’s not easy to sell online using a platform, it increases your workload and therefore significantly increases the amount of time you need to use it to apply it.

Shopify is harder to apply at work. On the one hand, it provides merchants with the opportunity to create their own digital storefronts from scratch. On the other hand, in order to make the platform available to all merchants, Shopify offers a wide enough selection of ready-made templates, so that users have the opportunity to make a choice. An important point is the presence of built-in functions. They, in turn, are able to provide an opportunity to help sellers in the sale of their goods.

Shopify today has the ability to provide merchants with the tools to customize their online store in order to attract buyers. Amazon, on the other hand, is a more typical retail experience.

Amazon, in turn, is able to provide an easier way to sell, therefore, users are able to start selling quickly enough, thus having a large enough market of buyers. Hence, Amazon will be the best solution for those sellers who do not plan to have a strong online brand identity.

Payment Options

In simple terms, the more features a platform can provide, the better it will be for customers. Because they are able to pay in the most convenient way for them.

If we talk about Shopify, today this includes more than 100 payment gateways around the world. It is also able to provide its own payment method. This payment method is called Shopify Payments. In turn, it has the ability to provide the merchant with a discount on transaction fees when used.

Shopify’s payment options cover cryptocurrencies and Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) payment plans.

Amazon offers a large number of the most common payment methods. So it could be anything from credit cards to debit cards. Today, Amazon has created special vouchers that you can use to pay.

Marketing resources

Yes, both Shopify and Amazon provide marketing resources to help merchants promote their products and build awareness.

Shopify offers a centralized storefront, content marketing, and SEO tools to help guide customers to products.

 Amazon offers Amazon Ads, which allows you to create advertisements to draw attention to certain products listed on the platform. Amazon also includes the ability to customize ads as part of its new seller initiatives. It is important for businesses to consider available marketing resources when choosing an e-commerce platform to ensure they have the tools they need to market their products effectively.

Fulfilment options

Once a profile has been set up and a specific product has been promoted, the next step is order fulfillment and final delivery to the appropriate customers.

Shopify includes a fulfillment network, which will be available at the moment when the registration has occurred and the corresponding storefront has been created. Therefore, being part of this network, you can do the following:

  • Providing two-day delivery.
  • In work, apply only transparent pricing. Such pricing is capable of having absolutely free storage as well as the ability to manage inventory.
  • Providing refunds at an appropriate flat rate.
  • Outsource complex execution to Shopify.
  • Amazon offers Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA). Thus, today it is highly valued because it can easily transfer execution to the platform.


Thus, we can conclude that both platforms are able to take root in work, based on what business tasks need to be performed. Therefore, it is best to make a decision based on the main characteristics that are most suitable for a particular business.

Hence, if you need a fully customizable storefront, then Shopify is a great solution. Shopify development company can help with this. When it comes to a large market of buyers who need to sell something quickly, Amazon may be the best choice.

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