How To Get Ripper In Dead Space Remake


The world-famous first-person shooter, Dead Space is back with upscaled graphics and a whole host of new weapons to bring the horror experience into a modern setting. With an arsenal of weapons to choose from, players will need to know how to use them effectively against a variety of enemies.

One of the most iconic weapons from the original game, the Ripper is a powerful weapon that can be used to wreak havoc on a wide range of Necromorphs. Its primary fire launches a saw blade, causing constant damage to anything that it touches for seven seconds.


If you have enough ammunition, the Ripper is a great choice for cutting off Slashers and Lurkers at close range, while its secondary fire can cut through a line of Necromorphs. It’s also a great tool to snipe enemies from long distances and hold them in place while you mow them down with your other weapons.

How To Find Ripper In Dead Space Remake

The Ripper can be found while refueling the engines in Chapter 3 during the Engine Deck objective. After you’ve refueled the engines, you can head up the stairs and into the Machine Shop room, where you can see a beheaded body on the floor. If you have any issues finding the Ripper weapon in Dead Space Remake then check out the video below.

YouTube video

How to Use Ripper In Dead Space Remake

It can be a tricky weapon to use for players who are new to the game, but once you’ve mastered it you can take down everything from Slashers to large Necromorphs with ease. It’s especially useful for sniping down the many Necromorphs that have a pouch of chemicals, which is something you’ll want to avoid at all costs in this mode.

You can use the Ripper’s secondary fire to shoot razor-sharp sawblades that ricochet off surfaces, hitting their targets multiple times. This is best used in tight corridors and works well against Twitchers, but you’ll need to be quick, accurate and have Kinesis fully upgraded for this firing mode to be effective.

It can also rip through Necromorphs after they die, dropping their items and keeping them from stealing your health packs or weapons. That makes it a great tool for clearing out Necromorphs and taking advantage of their weak points to take out the enemy as quickly as possible.

How Much Power the Ripper is?

The Ripper is an incredibly powerful weapon in the Dead Space Remake. It can rip through Necromorph limbs and inflict massive damage up close, making it great for dealing with close-up enemies or keeping multiple foes at bay.

However, this weapon’s primary fire is too weak to sever Necromorph legs and its secondary fire can’t sever the tentacles of The Leviathan. So save it for close-range encounters and larger enemies that aren’t easy to Stasis.

The Ripper’s primary fire can also be used to stun Necromorphs on contact, allowing you to take out their legs. This strategy is particularly useful in tight corridors, where you can keep the reticle centered to stun Necromorphs until you have enough time to move your Ripper and attack them again.

Final Thoughts

The Ripper is one of the most powerful weapons in Dead Space Remake, and it can help you clear out Necromorphs and take advantage of their weaknesses to win more battles and earn more credits. However, you’ll need to be able to find and manage the credits needed to upgrade your weapons, buy new health packs, and more.

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