What is Resident Evil 4 The Mercenaries Mode and How to Play It

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A fan-favourite post-game mode is making a comeback in the Resident Evil 4 Remake, and it’s now available for free as part of the game’s DLC. The Mercenaries mode is a fast-paced mini-game where players must defeat waves of enemies within a time limit, with limited ammo and supplies.

The Mercenaries Mode can be found in three different maps that are based on Resident Evil 4’s main areas. Each stage has different enemies and is littered with items and power-ups to aid your fight. The only way to earn a higher score is to kill more enemies, and the game also awards points for killing bosses.


How to play Mercenaries Mode in RE4 Remake

The Mercenaries Mode comes with new content for Resident Evil 4 Remake, including new maps and characters. You can start the Mercenaries mode without having completed the main game and can even play it with no save data.

The first character you can play is Leon Kennedy, who plays very similar to the campaign version. He comes with a knife and a first aid spray, while his Mayhem Mode increases his speed, allowing him to evade traps and avoid damage.

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You can also play as fan-favourite characters Luis Serra, Jack Krauser, and H.U.N.K. Each of them has their own weapons and special abilities. The only unique weapon is Krauser’s explosive bow, but the other four have loads of options.

Time Orbs

Mercenaries Mode is a horde/time attack mode that enables you to eliminate as many enemies as possible within a set time limit. Players must use their wits and strategy to complete each stage, which occurs on three maps: Village, Castle, and Island.

Leon S. Kennedy is the first character to unlock in The Mercenaries Mode, but you can also choose from Luis, Krauser, and Hunk. Each character has a different loadout and unique abilities, which allows you to customize your experience and playstyle.

Keep an eye out for green Time Orbs during fights to increase your timer. This will give you more time to take on enemies, as well as activate Mayhem Mode, which increases your weapons’ power and speed for a limited time.

Boost Your Score

Whenever you kill an enemy, you’ll gain points. As a result, it’s important to kill as many enemies as possible and score as high as you can. Using the Riot Gun in a crowd of Ganados when Mayhem Mode is active will help you rack up points faster, as will parrying attacks and using melee finishers to score big.

After reaching an S Rank in all three stages (Village/Castle/Island), you can unlock the Hand Cannon, which costs 1,000 completion points. This weapon can be bought as an add-on for CP or purchased in the Extra Content Shop with your earned CP.

The Mercenaries Mode is free to play, but there are also some option microtransactions attached. These include Weapon Exclusive Upgrade Tickets, which give Leon a timeskip for gun upgrades. These are a little controversial, and will probably only be used by players who aren’t good enough at the game to progress to more difficult stages without them.

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