The Last of Us Part I v1.0.2.0 Patch Released

The Last of Us Part I

Naughty Dog has released another update for The Last of Us Part I on PC, titled v1.0.2.0, as a significant fix for the PC port of the game, and a large portion of it is dedicated to fixing known issues in the game. It includes updated texture streaming in order to reduce CPU usage, as well as changes to shader loading that caused many users to experience issues.

Some ‘ElAnalistaDebits‘ users report that they have improved the overall experience after installing this update, however, some still have issues with texture and reflection problems. They also reported that the patch has improved loading times on both the PC and Steam Deck, although not significantly.


The performance improvements seem to be related to optimizing VRAM usage and improving the compilation of shaders, but this is hardly enough to make up for the numerous problems that the game has in its current state.

The v1.0.2.0 update also brings a bunch of new content to the game. This includes a new game mode, new stages, a new alternate ending, a server browser, an intro cutscene, music tracks, and more. Players will also get access to a few new items, skins, skill variants, and challenges in addition to bug fixes and quality of life adjustments.

While this is the most substantial patch Naughty Dog has ever rolled out for The Last of Us Part I, it’s not quite enough to address all of the issues that gamers have been facing since the game launched.

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