Elden Ring Update 1.10 Patch Notes Released with PvP Balancing, General Adjustments, and Bug Fixes


FromSoftware has rolled out the latest update Patch Version 1.10 for Elden Ring across multiple platforms, including PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Steam.

This latest patch brings a host of changes, with a primary focus on PvP-exclusive balance adjustments to enhance the gameplay experience for players engaging in online battles.

PvP-Exclusive Balance Adjustments:

The adjustments made in this section specifically target PvP combat and will not impact single-player or cooperative play. Here’s a breakdown of the changes:

  1. Increased Poise Damage: The poise damage of all weapons, spells, and incantations has been amplified. This change aims to make battles more engaging and strategic by rewarding well-timed and powerful attacks.
  2. Improved Poise Generation: Some skills, spells, incantations, and weapon attacks that generate poise now provide increased poise to the attacker. This alteration should give players more opportunities to maintain their composure during intense clashes.
  3. Added Damage Reduction: Performing attacks with specific skills, spells, incantations, and weapon attacks that generate poise now offer damage reduction. Players can now implement certain offensive moves with a reduced risk of vulnerability.
  4. Extended Critical Hit Angles: Critical hits have been refined, expanding the angles from which players can land these devastating blows. This change should add a layer of precision to critical hit mechanics.
  5. Reduced Invulnerability Window: The Quick Step and Hound’s Step skills now provide a shorter invulnerability window, making evasive maneuvers more challenging to execute with perfect timing.
  6. Decreased Damage Reduction: Some skills, incantations, and items that previously granted substantial damage reduction have been toned down. This adjustment intends to balance defensive capabilities during PvP encounters.

General Balance Adjustments:

Apart from the PvP-specific changes, there have been several general balance adjustments affecting all aspects of the game:

  1. Increased Critical Hit Damage: Critical hits now deal higher damage, rewarding players who manage to land these critical strikes.
  2. Reduced Recovery Time after Missed Critical Hits: Players will experience shorter recovery times after failing to land critical hits, allowing for faster follow-up actions.
  3. Boosted Poise Damage after Missed Critical Hits: Attacks executed after missing a critical hit now deal more poise damage, encouraging players to maintain aggressive tactics.

Bug Fixes and Other Changes:

The update also addresses several bugs and issues to improve overall gameplay stability:

  1. Adjusted Player Damage Animation: An issue where attack direction would unintentionally shift when getting hit while attacking with certain poise-generating weapons has been resolved.
  2. Fixed Spells and Incantations Bug: Spells and incantations that failed to cause damage while under the effect of specific skills and items have now been rectified.
  3. Resolved Sacred Order Skill Effect: The bug that caused the effects of the Sacred Order skill to persist after switching weapons has been fixed.
  4. Language Text Corrections: Some text discrepancies in certain languages have been corrected for a smoother gaming experience.

Players can now dive into Elden Ring with these latest changes, allowing for a more balanced and immersive PvP experience, along with various improvements to the overall gameplay mechanics.

Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a newcomer to the world of Elden Ring, these adjustments are sure to bring new life to the battles that await in this dark and enchanting universe. Enjoy the new patch and may your journey through the lands of Elden Ring be filled with glory and conquest!


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