Microsoft Rolls Out New Xbox Home UI with a Quick Access Menu, Pinning Favorite Games and More

New Xbox Home UI

Microsoft has rolled out an exciting new Home User Interface (UI) for all Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One consoles, starting today. This update has been carefully crafted based on valuable player feedback, aiming to provide an enhanced gaming experience by facilitating game discovery, personalization, and community engagement.

Enhancements of the New Xbox Home UI:

  1. Quick Access Menu: A new quick access menu has been introduced at the top of the Home UI, allowing users to easily navigate to essential sections such as Library, Microsoft Store, Xbox Game Pass, Search, and Settings.
  2. Streamlined Layout: The layout has been simplified to create more space for personalized backgrounds. Games played recently and other content and apps are now moved towards the bottom of the screen.
  3. Background Customization: Users now have the option to change their background to match the game they are highlighting in the recently played list, adding a touch of visual flair to their gaming experience.
  4. Improved Game Discovery: Microsoft has introduced curated and personalized lists of games to make it even easier for users to discover new and exciting titles.
  5. Personalization Options: The new Xbox Home UI allows users to customize their experience by pinning favorite games, curated groups, and system groups like Quick Resume to the Home screen, offering quick and easy access to preferred content.
  6. Community Engagement: The updated Friends & Community Updates row helps players stay connected and informed about what’s happening in their gaming community.
  7. Media and Entertainment Spotlight: A Watch & Listen spotlight and list of entertainment apps have been added, allowing users to explore available media apps and content.

How to Access the New Home UI:

The rollout of the new Home UI has already begun for a subset of Xbox consoles. However, some users may need to exercise a bit of patience as it will be progressively released over the next few weeks.


Rest assured, the new Home UI will soon be available on a console near you! For those lucky enough to have it already, a comprehensive guide on customizing the new UI is available to help tailor the experience to individual preferences.

Microsoft’s commitment to incorporating player feedback has resulted in an updated Home UI that promises to revolutionize how gamers interact with their Xbox consoles. Players can look forward to discovering new games, personalizing their interface, and staying connected with their gaming communities like never before.

Note: This news is based on the official details provided by Microsoft. For the best experience, users are encouraged to keep their Xbox consoles up-to-date and follow official instructions for accessing the new Home UI.

Rizwan Ahmad
Rizwan Ahmad

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