How to Fix Eating Disorder in Palworld?


In the world of Palworld, a unique and engaging multiplayer monster-collecting game, players embark on adventures with their Pals, creatures that assist in various tasks such as fighting, farming, and building. An integral aspect of ensuring your Pals’ well-being is managing their health and happiness, which includes addressing and preventing eating disorders triggered by stress. This guide explores how to fix eating disorders in Pals, enhancing their productivity and ensuring their happiness.

Palworld presents a vibrant ecosystem where players interact with Pals, creatures with diverse needs and behaviors. Similar to real-world pets, Pals require careful attention to their physical and emotional well-being. Eating disorders in Pals often arise from stress, negatively impacting their efficiency and health.


Understanding Eating Disorders in Pals

Eating disorders in Palworld manifest due to various factors, primarily stress. Stress can result from overworking, injuries, or lack of proper care, leading to conditions like depression. These disorders hinder a Pal’s ability to eat properly and perform tasks efficiently.

How to Fix Eating Disorder in Palworld

Build a Hot Spring

Creating a relaxing environment for Pals is crucial for alleviating stress. A Hot Spring provides a sanctuary for Pals to unwind, recover their sanity (SAN), and enjoy spa treatments. Accessing this feature requires grinding technology points and gathering specific resources​​.

Address Injuries Promptly

Regularly check for and promptly address any injuries your Pals might have. Utilizing low or high-grade medical supplies can reduce their stress and prevent the onset of eating disorders. Ensuring your Pals are free from pain is a step towards maintaining their overall health​​.

Ensure Adequate Rest

A comfortable resting place is essential for Pals to recover energy and health. Provide them with cozy beds, fluffy blankets, and ensure they get enough sleep. Adequate rest is vital for Pals to continue adventures and tasks with vigor​​.

Show Affection and Care

Engage in activities with your Pals, such as mini-games or simple gestures of affection, to boost their morale and happiness. Occasional gifts and attention to their needs can significantly enhance their well-being​​.

Managing Feed and Environment

Pals might not eat due to being stuck, bugs in the game, low sanity leading to depression, or the Feed Box being too far. Manually moving Pals closer to food, restarting the game to fix bugs, and ensuring the Feed Box is accessible are practical steps to encourage eating. Crafting High Grade Medical Supplies at a Medieval Medicine Workbench can cure depression, restoring their appetite​​.


Managing eating disorders in Pals within Palworld requires a multifaceted approach focusing on reducing stress, treating injuries, ensuring comfort, and fostering a positive environment. By implementing these strategies, players can ensure their Pals remain healthy, happy, and productive companions in their adventurous journey through Palworld.


  1. What causes eating disorders in Pals?
    • Eating disorders in Pals are primarily caused by stress, which can stem from overwork, injuries, or neglect.
  2. How can I prevent my Pals from getting stressed?
    • Preventing stress in Pals involves ensuring they have a balanced workload, treating any injuries, providing comfortable living conditions, and engaging in activities that foster happiness.
  3. Can depression in Pals affect their eating habits?
    • Yes, depression, often resulting from low sanity levels due to neglect or excessive work, can lead to eating disorders in Pals, affecting their health and productivity.
  4. Is it necessary to monitor my Pals’ sleep and rest?
    • Absolutely. Ensuring that Pals get sufficient rest and sleep in comfortable conditions is crucial for their recovery and overall well-being.
  5. What role does affection play in a Pal’s health?
    • Showing affection and care towards Pals through activities and attention significantly boosts their mental stability and happiness, preventing stress-induced disorders.

By understanding and addressing the needs of your Pals in Palworld, you can create a harmonious and productive environment that benefits both your adventures and your Pals’ health.

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