How to Fix Pals Depression in Palworld


In Palworld, a vibrant and expansive game that captivates players with its combination of survival, exploration, and creature companionship, maintaining the well-being of your Pals—creatures you collect and care for—is crucial for success.

Just like real-life pets or friends, Pals can experience a range of emotions, including depression, which can significantly impact their performance and your gameplay experience.


This guide will delve into the causes of depression in Pals, how to cure it, and, importantly, strategies to prevent it from happening in the first place.

What Causes Pals Depression in Palworld?

Depression in Pals occurs when their sanity levels plummet to critical lows, often as a result of neglect or unfavorable conditions within the game. Common causes include lack of rest, inadequate or poor-quality food, absence of recreational facilities like Hot Springs or Beds, and a monotonous workload. Such conditions not only affect their morale but can also lead to them refusing to perform tasks or interact.

How to Fix Pals Depression in Palworld

The primary method to cure depression in Pals involves the use of High-Grade Medical Supplies, a remedy that ensures immediate relief from depression. Crafting this medicine requires a Medieval Medicine Workbench, ingots, horns from horned Pals, and bones from specific creatures like Gorirat and Vixy.

Once crafted, these supplies can be administered directly if the Pal is part of your party or through interaction at your base. For Pals in a Palbox, reassign them to your camp or party before administering the treatment​​​​​​.

To fix Pal’s depression in Palworld step-by-step:

  1. Craft High-Grade Medical Supplies: Use a Medieval Medicine Workbench, gather ingots, horns from horned Pals, and bones from creatures like Gorirat and Vixy.
  2. Administer the Supplies: If the Pal is in your party, use the supplies from your inventory. If the Pal is at your base, interact with them and choose the ‘Feed’ option to give the medicine.
  3. Use Hot Springs and Beds: Ensure Pals can relax in Hot Springs and have comfortable beds for rest.
  4. Show Affection: Regularly interact with your Pals, such as playing mini-games or belly rubbing, to improve their mood and prevent depression.

How to Prevent Pals Depression in Palworld

Prevention of depression is key to maintaining the happiness and productivity of your Pals. A comprehensive approach involves:

  • Feeding: Ensure your Pals are well-fed by establishing a plantation and a Pal feed mechanism. This setup, supported by Pals with the appropriate work suitabilities, will automatically take care of their nutritional needs.
  • Rest and Recreation: Allocate a bed for each Pal and establish Hot Springs within your base. These amenities provide essential rest and relaxation, preventing the onset of depression.
  • Diversifying Workloads: Avoid assigning repetitive tasks to a single Pal. Instead, distribute work among multiple Pals to prevent monotony and ensure a balanced workload.
  • Technical Solutions: Be mindful of game bugs that may trap or immobilize Pals, leading to frustration and depression. Regularly check for any Pals that might be stuck and reset their position by reassigning them from your Palbox.

In addition, creating a comfortable and homely environment by decorating your base with furniture and ensuring a variety of high-quality food can further enhance the wellbeing of your Pals. Regular interaction, such as petting and giving attention, also plays a significant role in maintaining their happiness levels.


Managing the emotional health of your Pals in Palworld requires a blend of proactive care, environmental management, and timely intervention with medical supplies. By adopting these strategies, you can prevent depression among your Pals, ensuring they remain happy, healthy, and productive companions in your Palworld adventure.


  • Q: Can depression in Pals be cured without High-Grade Medical Supplies? A: While High-Grade Medical Supplies are the most direct method, preventing depression through proper care and management is a more sustainable approach.
  • Q: How often should I interact with my Pals to keep them happy? A: Regular interaction is key. Try to pet and check on them frequently to maintain their happiness levels.
  • Q: What if I don’t have the resources to craft High-Grade Medical Supplies? A: Focus on prevention strategies such as ensuring adequate food, rest, and recreational facilities. You can also purchase medicines from traveling salesmen or merchants in the game.

By understanding the needs of your Pals and ensuring their well-being, you can enhance your gameplay experience and build a thriving community in Palworld.

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