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Osteo Striga
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In the vast universe of Destiny 2, the Osteo Striga stands out as an Exotic Submachine Gun renowned for its unique capabilities and versatility across both PvE (Player vs. Environment) and PvP (Player vs. Player) modes. This comprehensive guide will delve into the ideal “God Roll” configurations for the Osteo Striga, tailored to optimize its performance in various scenarios.

What is Osteo Striga in Destiny 2?

The Osteo Striga is more than just a weapon; it’s a testament to the ingenuity of Guardians who strive for perfection. With its ability to unleash a torrent of sentient, toxic projectiles that track enemies, this weapon epitomizes both lethality and innovation. The goal of this guide is to illuminate the path to achieving the God Roll for the Osteo Striga, ensuring you can harness its full potential.


Understanding Osteo Striga

Before diving into the God Roll specifics, it’s crucial to comprehend the Osteo Striga’s unique attributes. It fires toxic projectiles instead of standard bullets, which can seek out enemies and inflict poison damage over time. This makes it exceptionally powerful for crowd control and against tough adversaries.

Crafting and Optimization Osteo Striga

To craft the Osteo Striga, players must first complete the main campaign of the Witch Queen expansion and unlock the weapon for crafting at the Enclave on Mars. Specific crafting materials are required to shape your first Osteo Striga at Level 1, including Glimmer, Resonant Elements, Resonant Alloy, and an Ascendant Alloy.

Best Osteo Striga God Roll Destiny 2

It’s important to note that the best rolls for the Osteo Striga will be unlocked as you level up the weapon, with the exotic catalyst becoming available at Level 10​​. Here are the perks you need for the best Osteo Striga PvE god roll:

PvE God Roll

For PvE, the ideal configuration emphasizes stability, handling, and reload speed, allowing for swift and efficient enemy engagements. The recommended PvE God Roll includes:

  • Barrel: Fluted Barrel for enhanced stability and handling speed.
  • Magazine: Flared Magwell, optimizing reload speed over range, which is less critical in PvE contexts.
  • Stock: Composite Stock to further boost handling speed.
  • Catalyst: Osteo Striga Catalyst is essential, augmenting the weapon with poison final blows that return ammo to your magazine​​.

PvP God Roll

In PvP, where range and accuracy are paramount, the God Roll shifts focus:

  • Barrel: Smallbore, to balance range enhancement with recoil reduction.
  • Magazine: Accurized Rounds, extending the effective combat distance.
  • Stock: Hand-Laid Stock, mitigating recoil and enhancing control.
  • Catalyst: Equipping the Osteo Striga Catalyst is vital for the extra range, reload speed, and the unique ammo return feature on poison final blows​​.


Achieving the God Roll for the Osteo Striga, whether for PvE or PvP, involves careful consideration of your combat style and the scenarios you face most often. By tailoring your weapon’s perks to suit your needs, you can maximize its effectiveness, making the Osteo Striga a formidable asset in your Guardian’s arsenal.


Q: How do I unlock the Osteo Striga? A: Complete the main campaign of the Witch Queen expansion and unlock the weapon for crafting at the Enclave on Mars.

Q: What makes the Osteo Striga special? A: Its ability to fire sentient, toxic projectiles that track enemies, making it exceptionally effective for crowd control and damage over time.

Q: Are the recommended God Rolls different for PvE and PvP? A: Yes, the ideal rolls differ based on the mode. PvE configurations prioritize reload speed and handling, while PvP setups focus on range and recoil control.

Q: How do I unlock the best rolls for the Osteo Striga? A: Level up the weapon to unlock and access the best roll components and the exotic catalyst, which is available at Level 10.

By equipping the Osteo Striga with these optimized rolls, you’re not just wielding a weapon; you’re commanding a force of nature, ready to assert your dominance in the Destiny 2 universe.

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