How to Get a Skimmer Hoverboard in Destiny 2

Skimmer Hoverboard

The allure of hovering across the landscapes of Destiny 2 on a Skimmer hoverboard has captivated the hearts of Guardians. As the series evolves, Bungie continues to introduce innovative modes of transportation, enhancing the gameplay experience. This guide delves into the process of obtaining a Skimmer hoverboard in Destiny 2, a vehicle that not only augments your speed but also introduces a new dimension of mobility and style to the game.

What is Skimmer Hoverboard in Destiny 2?

The Skimmer Hoverboard is a new vehicle type in Destiny 2 that represents a significant evolution in the game’s vehicle offerings, adding a new layer of mobility and style for players. This was added with the Destiny 2 update 7.3.5 released on March 5.


Distinct from the series’ traditional Sparrow vehicles, which have served as the primary means of rapid ground transport, the Skimmer introduces the ability to perform tricks and maneuvers, much like a hoverboard, bringing a fresh dynamic to player exploration and movement within the game’s expansive worlds.

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Characteristics and Features:

  • Hoverboard Mechanics: Unlike the Sparrow, which hovers above the ground and moves at high speeds, the Skimmer allows for standing-upright navigation. This change introduces a novel way to traverse the game’s environments, emphasizing agility and aerial tricks.
  • Trick Performance: Players can use the Skimmer to execute tricks and grind on rails, adding a playful aspect to travel that extends beyond simply moving from one location to another. This feature taps into the broader appeal of action sports, offering a unique blend of transportation and entertainment.
  • Event-Based Acquisition: Initially, the Skimmer could be obtained through participation in specific Destiny 2 events, such as the Guardian Games. Players had to complete certain quests and objectives to unlock this vehicle, integrating it into the broader context of in-game achievements and seasonal activities.
  • Customization and Variants: Alongside the base model obtained through event participation, premium variants of the Skimmer are available for purchase in the game’s Eververse store. These premium options offer additional aesthetic choices, allowing players to personalize their hoverboards further.

The introduction of the Skimmer Hoverboard adds a significant layer of depth to Destiny 2’s gameplay, offering players not only a new mode of transportation but also a new way to engage with the game’s vast environments.

By combining the practical aspects of rapid travel with the entertainment value of trick performance, the Skimmer enriches the player experience, making exploration and movement within Destiny 2 more engaging and enjoyable.

How to Obtain the Skimmer Hoverboard

Introduced during the Guardian Games event, the Skimmer hoverboard represents a significant upgrade from the traditional Sparrows. It’s not just a means of rapid transit; it’s a vehicle for expression, allowing Guardians to perform tricks and grind rails, adding flair to their journey across the cosmos.

Step-by-Step Guide to Unlocking the Skimmer Hoverboard

  1. Start with the Guardian Games: The journey to acquiring a Skimmer hoverboard begins with participation in the Guardian Games. Guardians must first complete the quest “Best in Class,” given by Eva Levante in the Tower. This initial step is foundational, setting the stage for unlocking the hoverboard.
  2. Acquire the ‘Drop In’ Quest: Upon successful completion of “Best in Class,” players are rewarded with another quest titled “Drop In.” This quest is critical as it leads to the acquisition of the Skimmer hoverboard. Initially, you receive a common version of the Allstar Skimmer, which is a temporary reward for the duration of the Guardian Games event.
  3. Complete the ‘Drop In’ Quest for Permanence: The essence of securing the Skimmer permanently lies in completing the “Drop In” quest. It presents three distinct paths to success, each with its own challenges and rewards:
  • Achieving a Medallion Score of 1,200 through participation and excellence in the Guardian Games.
  • Earning a top 10% score in Nightfall challenges, a test of skill and coordination.
  • Opening three Focus Activity winners packages, which requires engagement with varying activities within the Guardian Games.
  1. Eververse Store – The Premium Path: For those looking for an alternative or an addition to the free Skimmer, the Eververse store offers a premium hoverboard. Known as the Winged Wolf, this Skimmer is part of the Gjallarheart Gear Bundle, available for 2,500 Silver, Destiny 2’s premium currency.


The Skimmer hoverboard is more than a vehicle; it’s a statement. Whether through the grit of competition in the Guardian Games or the investment of premium currency in the Eververse store, obtaining a Skimmer enriches the Destiny 2 experience, blending speed with spectacle. As Guardians glide and grind through the universe, the Skimmer stands as a testament to their prowess, style, and the ever-evolving world of Destiny 2.


  1. Can I keep the Skimmer after the Guardian Games event? Yes, completing the “Drop In” quest allows you to permanently add the Skimmer to your collection, even after the Guardian Games conclude.
  2. Is there only one type of Skimmer available? Initially, the Allstar Vector is the primary model available through the “Drop In” quest. However, premium options like the Winged Wolf are available for purchase in the Eververse store.
  3. What are the key activities to focus on for earning the Skimmer? Participating in the Guardian Games, achieving high scores in Nightfall challenges, and engaging in Focus Activities are the primary pathways to unlocking the Skimmer.
  4. Can the Skimmer do tricks? Yes, the Skimmer is designed not just for travel but also for performing tricks and grinding rails, adding a new layer of fun and expression to the game.
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