5 Ways To Make A Mobile Friendly Blog For Wordpress


Today a huge number of people use internet on there smart phones like on I phone, I pads and many other phones, and these smart phones are creating a big attraction to the web site and blog developer to create a mobile friendly blogs and web sites. People use internet to surf the internet to download the music and videos, they also watch live TV, and YouTube videos on there smart phones. So it is widely suggested that websites create a mobile Internet version of their site.  So The kind folks at WordPress.com has given there users a way to create a mobile friendly WordPress blog for smart phones in some of very easy and simple steps.Below are some of the platforms from where you can create a mobile friendly WordPress blog. have look on that.

1- MobilePress
MobilePress is a WordPress plugin that lets you to put your WordPress blog on a mobile handsets, with customized themes. It also gives ability to track your mobile sites analytics and serve ads with Aduity.com. it Integrates with Aduity.com that lets you to serve ads from some of the biggest mobile ad networks such as Admob, Quattro Wireless, Buzzcity and InMobi.


2- Mobify
Mobify is a free service that gives marketers and developers an amazing mobile experience. Mobify helps designers and developers to  build faster quick responsive web experience. Mobify is a mobile plug-in for WordPress that lets users adjust their site and to make a mobile friendly blog. For iPhone’s, Blackberry’s, and over 5000 other smart phones users.

3- WPTouch
With WPTouch WordPress bloggers can easily create a rich mobile friendly theme for iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry, Palm OS and Samsung touch mobile so visitors can easily surf the blog on there smart device. WPtouch Pro is a WordPress plugin that lets you to add powerful, easy-to-use themes for mobile + tablet visitors. It’s also a theming framework, great for creating mobile & tablet themes for your visitors.

4- Mofuse
With Mofuse WordPress bloggers can build mobile web sites, micro sites, landing pages and forms this is a great service for WordPress bloggers. All the users with there smart phone can access the mobile friendly websites on there smart phones. With Mofuse WordPress bloggers can also display their RSS feeds to their users on there mobile version blogs and web sites. So people can follow there blogs for latest updates. it also offers a Word-press plug-in for WordPress customers to use better service for there ,mobile blogs and web sites.

5- WPtap
WPtap is a WordPress specialist in developing mobile themes/plugins that can instantly convert your WordPress blog into mobile web-application experience. It gives visitor a great web experience when they visit from iPhone, iPod Touch, touch-based Blackberry, and Android smartphones. It offer a comprehensive mobile theme solutions for your WordPress blogs. It also features: search, login, categories, tags, archives, photos & more. For WordPress blogs.

Rizwan Ahmad
Rizwan Ahmad

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