I think this is a very common problem in blogger. If you post 50 articles on your blog then you chose how many posts you want to show on your home page by going to your blog’s Settings, Formatting section then you normally chose the number of posts that you want to show on your blogs home page and you save your settings.
But some times your blog shows only one post on your blogs home page. But you had selected more than one post to show on your home page.

Now, why this happens? This is normally caused when you add a photo into your post by drag and drop, instead of using the “Insert image” wizard in post editor or adding a photo from the web by drag and drop  Both “drag and drop” and “From the web” appear to cause the use of Base64 encoding. there are photos that are encoded as Base64. The image content is served from the postcode, not on a hosting service like Picasa. This makes the post extremely large and triggers auto pagination to cause display page segmentation.

To fix this problem and to show your all selected post, just find the image that you have recently added by “drag and drop” or you have directly copied the image from the web into any of your resent or previous post, If you get that image just delete it from the post and insert it again by using “insert image” wizard in post editor. Now your all selected post should appear on your blogs home page.

I have done this on my blog, and this is the only solution that I have found for this problem.