Now you can have a username for your Facebook page. So it will help you to Easily direct friends, family, and peoples to your Facebook  profile page with a Facebook username. You can easily create a fully custom URL for your Facebook page so you can easily directs your friend’s and family and other people to whom you want to refer your Facebook page.

Now you don’t have to tell your friends to search for your Facebook page to like it just create your Facebook custom URL and tell your friends about your new Facebook page URL so they will find your page on Facebook just putting the URL in their address bar and they can easily follow your page.

There is tow methods to create a custom URL for your Facebook page  just follow the simple steps below:

First Method:
1- First Go to your Facebook profile
2- Now click on the page you want to create a custom URL.

3- Then search for the option ‘Page Tips’ at your right side of the page.
4- Now click on the option ‘Choose your custom URL’ if there is another option you get, then click on the next and you will get this option.

5- Then chose your Facebook page from the page name and then enter your desired user name which you want to show in your Facebook page URL like, Makes Computing Easy

6- Then read the hints carefully and click okay.

Second Method:

1- Log in to your Facebook account.
2- Then go to
3- Then enter your username and then select your page below and click confirm.

Now you are done. Now you can open your Facebook page with your new URL.
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