I’ve been getting lots of queries for custom Facebook Welcome pages.  That everyone wants to know how and where they can get this. On this article i have some options for you to help you get a custom welcome facebook tab for your facebook page and i will share them with you below.

Why it is consider using a custom Welcome page?

Having a custom Facebook welcome tab gives your visitors a professional looks and it puts great impact on visitors people get attracted to fully different type of welcome page instead a old type normal Facebook page. You can make your welcome page by giving it unprofessional look.

Creating Your Own Custom Welcome Tab for Facebook Page.

If you want and think that you can create a custom Welcome page for yourself, then you can do this by yourself. For this you can use any of the 3 options given below i hope you will like it. I haven’t tried all of these options, but you can check them for yourself. all the 3 options have paid and free option you can chose whatever you like to create your welcome tab.
This is a free application that gives you many free templates to choose from and easy to use. It also has many things that you probably want for your welcome tab. You can Try it and i think you will love it It’s free. it has great interface
For this app you will have pay some amount Prices for this app range from $37 (for two templates) to $67 (for all templates) or you can take and develop a page for you for ($697-797). I haven’t tried this application, but some people who have used this are happy with this app.


This is a free app you can use it for creating a welcome tab for your Facebook page. With Wildfire Interactive application, you can create a fan-gated Welcome page. It mean that a fan must Like your page in order to see specific information on the Welcome page. But if you are not interested in that? No problem. You can also create a page with fan-only content.


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