Today lots of people are using Facebook for promoting their site, blogs, and their on line business so people are also using Facebook pages for doing this, Facebook has given this option to create a page which can describe peoples or any other thing that people want to show on their Facebook pages it could be any thing like a web site or blog or a online business.

Now you can make your Facebook page more attractive and personalized by adding a Welcome tab on your Facebook page. below i will tell you that how you can add a well come tab on your Facebook page. just follow some simple steps below:
1- Log into your Facebook account and search for Static HTML: iframe tabs.

2- Now open it and click Add Static HTML to a Page.

3- Now select the Page in which you want to add Welcome Tab and click Add Static HTML: iframe tabs. Now you can see the Welcome Tab in your page.

4- Now you will have to enter the information which you want to show on your welcome tab when visitors will come on your welcome page. To do this you will have to create a custom page or you can add an image through URL. To Add a image you can any free image hosting site such as, tinypic, photobucket, etc and you can get the iamge url from there copy the URL of the image. You can use below format to paste into your page. Replace the red text with your Image URL below.

<img scr =”Your Code Here” >

If you are using tinypic then copy ‘Direct Link code’ and paste it in both the boxes see below.

5- Now you can save your setting and you can see your welcome tab on you facebook page just click to open it. you can see my welcome tab

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