BigRock Email Service:
When you purchase a domain name from Big Rock then you get free email account for your new domain and you get your personal email account which is associated with your domain name like [email protected] With your new domain

BigRock’s Free Email Service comprises of the following services:* Email Account: BigRock provides you with 5 Email Accounts free with every domain you purchase, along with POP/IMAP access.
* Each account comes with 500 MB space.
* Email Forwarding: This service is provided free upon purchase of any Product/Service through BigRock.Note: Email Forwarding cannot be activated if Email Hosting has been activated for the domain name.

Adding an Email Account:
In the Menu, go to Mail >> Add User.
Provide the following information and click Add User:
Name: Provide a First Name and Last Name for the User.
Desired Email Address: Provide an email address you wish to assign to this user

For John, you may set the email address as [email protected]

Alternate Email Address: Provide an alternate email address, where the system can send important communication, such as Password reminders.
Country of User: Choose the geographical location of this user.
Language of User: This will be the language used by the system for all communications with the user.

Once the account is created, a success page will be displayed. This page will provide details of the account that you have added, including a password that is generated for the user and server details for configuring the account in a desktop email client such as Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, etc.. This information will also be automatically emailed to the Alternate Email Address you have provided.

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