What you know about vlc media player? yes you will say it is player which we used play our audio or video file on PC mots people use vlc only for playing a audio file or watching a video on PC. But probably most of the people don’t know else vlc player can do for them, Ok today i will tell you about how you can play a Jigsaw Puzzle Game on vlc media player, you know that? if no then let me tell you you can play Jigsaw Puzzle Game on vlc while playing video or watching any on vlc how if you want to play this game and want to find out how to do this just follow the simple steps below.

Play Jigsaw Puzzle Game On VLC Media Player While Playing A Video

You can play this game on Windows or MAC both lets see how play this game on windows PC.

How to play on Windows

Follow this >Play a video on vlc > now go to tools > Effects and Filters > Video Effects > Geometry > Enable Puzzle Game now you can select the number of columns and rows you want to add on the video screen to play the game then select ‘make one title black spot’ it will make your game ease.

For Mac

Follow this > Go to Preferences> then Video, and now from the bottom switch from basic to all. now go to filter and select ‘Puzzle interactive game filter’ under video filter module and video output filter module. To make the ease game select ‘make one title a black spot’ under filters>puzzle. Now you can save the game and play the game while watching the video.

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