Add GIF Animated Image And Photo In Facebook Status

If you want to make fun with your Facebook friends by doing some interesting things which can make your friends laugh. There are lots of ways on Facebook you can use to make your friends laugh you can share videos,songs, photos, and your interesting comments but today i will tell you about how you can make your friends laugh juts by uploading a GIF animated image in Facebook for now Facebook doesn’t supports GIF image, if you upload a GIF image on your wall or your friends wall it doesn’t  work but don’t worry Facebook has lots of things for you so you can do more out of Facebook three is a Facebook app called Animated-Picture available for Facebook which lets you to share GIF or animated images and photos on Facebook.

Now lets see how you can add a GIF image in Facebook status

1- Log in to your Facebook account and then Click Here to get the app or you can search the app by typing the app name in the search bar now click Go To App and click allow if ask, now go to the app and there you will find different types of categories of GIF photos, to share a photo just click on the photo and then type you status message and then click share.

Add GIF Animated Image And Photo In Facebook Status

2- You can also share your own image or by adding a image URL that you want to share as GIF image, for this just click the Add Image Button below photos and select your photo just inter your status message and click share. You can chose whether you want to share your photos on your own wall or your friends wall. Have fun with your friends with these cool Animated Pictures on Facebook.

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