To day i will tell you about web history which gets stored into your browser whenever you visit a website or a webpage.When you visit a site or a web page your browser automatically ads that web page as a history into your browsers history section so you can visit that page later whenever you want but what is the bad side of this history, it is not good for your privacy and second it takes lost of space into your browser to save the visited page as history because your browser saves all the pages you visit on the web and some times it makes your browser slow and its gets hang.

To prevent this cause i will tell you that how you can block history from a certain websites in your browser first i will tell you about Firefox then i will tell you about Google Chrome.

How to Block History From Certain Websites In Firefox
To block History from certain websites in Firefox you can just install a Firefox Add-On called Delete Site History which automatically adds a extra option into your history tab which lets you to deletes everything including cookies, saved passwords, from a certain website etc see below.

Block Or Delete History From Certain Websites in Your Browser

How to Block History From Certain Websites In Google Chrome
To block or delete history from certain websites in google chrome you can istall a chrome extenion called History Site Blocker after installing this click on the wrench option then go to setting>extension>option of the History Site Blocker and then on the next page inter the website address or name from that you do not want to save in the history of Chrome and then press save see below.

Block Or Delete History From Certain Websites in Your Browser

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