Advantages & Disadvantages Of Online Freelance CAD Jobs

Advantages & Disadvantages Of Online Freelance CAD Jobs

With the world economy going through rapid downturn and slow recovery rate many companies are downsizing so they can have some reasonable profit available for their shareholders at the end of the quarter or year. But these companies continue to see increase in activities and would need more workers to help complete tasks to satisfy consumers and clients; this is where freelancers come into the picture. For designers who cannot find full time cad jobs with companies and established organizations, a great option is to go online and find work as a freelance designer providing services for clients all over the world. So what are the pros and cons of working as a freelance designer? What are the things you need to know so as to maximize your profitability and opportunities?


Flexible working hours – Working as an online freelance designer gives you the chance to work at anytime you desire. There is no work period obligation, which means you work at anytime or period as long as it does not affect client deadlines. An online designer can decide to rest in the weekend or go for a holiday; those working for companies must adhere to company regulations involving working hours and vacations.


Marketing – You have the freedom to market and introduce your services and business to whoever you want to. There are thousands of clients both on freelance websites and free job listing sites, so you can market your skills using resumes, video links and files containing past works of personal project to attract the client.
Job availability – Working as a freelance designer exposes you to thousands of job postings and listings by clients from all over the world, giving you the chance to select any kind of job you want.

Compensation – You have the power to set your compensation rate at any value that suites you. If you’re a new designer you can use this advantage to get jobs fast by lowering your compensation so you can get some ratings. You also get to save plenty of money at the end of the year since you’ll be working from home and you won’t need to fuel and drive your car everyday.

Freedom to use any software – If you work for a company you might be restricted to using certain software all the time. The drawback in this is that it limits your creativity and makes you a novice in other very important software. You have the chance to use any kind of software that pleases you as long as the final product will contain exactly what the client wants.

You’re your own boss – As a freelance cad designer you are your own boss. You never need to report to anyone and you make all decisions as you please. If there are tough decisions to make you don’t need to call a meeting; you make all the decisions and take control of everything.


Unreliable workload – Because of the number of workers claiming freelance jobs online work for a freelance cad designer is not completely guaranteed. While designers working for companies know the value of there wages and salaries you are limited to when clients have jobs available for you.

Competition – Because most of the freelancers are doing the same job there is usually high level of competition, especially on freelance websites where between 8 – 12 designers bid for just one job posting. Price competition is also a problem as new designers offer ridiculously low prices for job bids, just to get ratings.

Risk of not getting paid – cad jobs on free posting sites pays very high but you stand the chance of not getting paid for your work since there are no escrow systems like the ones provided by freelance job sites.

Stephen Dawson is a freelance Cad Technician. He loves his job but also realizes that there are good and bad aspects to it.

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