How To File a Report On Facebook Against a User Profile

While using our Facebook account we often see many inappropriate or many other things that we don’t want ot be appear on our facebook profile page or there are many such lkind of users who use Facebook  to make it  inappropriate for some users by using their comments their status messages or even their profile pics are not good, many people use totally naked or nude images as their profile pics and their comments and status messages are very poor and vulgar and they abuse so much on others profile.

One day while using Facebook i saw a friend suggestion on my profile page and the profile pic of that user was totally nude and the image was appearing on my profile page then i thought that if at that time any one is there with me then he or she might think some thing wrong about me and they could be surprise for that thing. Then i decided to do something about it and i want to block this type of friend suggestion or activities on my Facebook profile page, and then i blocked that user and i reported about that user profile to Facebook.

Today i will tell you that how you can file a report against a Facebook profile or user well it is quite simple, if you don’t want such kind of activities on your profile pages your file a report for any Facebook user and then the blocked user profile will never be appear on your Facebook profile page. So lets see how you will do that just follow the steps below.

How to block/Report A user on Facebook

1- Sign in to your facebook account > go to user profile which you want to block > Click Report/Block on the left side of the page > select the option for that you want to block that user. after this click continue if you don’t like the user profile pic select the option  inappropriate profile image if you want to block a user for  inappropriate wall post you can select that and click continue. Now after clicking the continue button that user will no longer will be available for you on Facebook  see below

How to block/Report A user on Facebook

How to Block a User On Facebook Timeline

If user is using Facebook timeline then how and where you find the option to block that user in timeline just go to the user profile and below of the user cover photo you will get a setting option connected with message click on that and you will get the Report/Block option there now you can report that user from his timeline by clicking the Report/Block button that’s it.

Now the blocked user will longer be available for you on Facebook and Facebook will never show that user profile on your profile as a friend suggestion or any thing. To see the complete policy regarding this matter you can Visit Here

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