Best Music Player Apps for Android 2012

While taking the decision to download a music player from the android market for your android phone you might get confuse that which music player you should download for your android phone because there are lots of music apps available on the Google play store for your android phone and some of them are so good some are good and some of them are not very good. So selecting or downloading the best music player app for your phone might be tough for you.

So here I am going to tell you about some of the best top music player apps for your android phone which are available on the android market and you can download the very easily. let’s have a look at the best music player apps below.

Best Music Player Apps for Android 2012

Poweramp Music Player
As the name indicates this is very powerful and best music player on the android market you can easily download this from Google play market there is tow version of the app is available to trial version which is free and pro version which cost you about 267.25 INR


Double Twist Music Player
This player is free to download and best for your android phone with this app you can sync your music from your PC/MAC to your phone using iTunes. download music from the internet for free, smart playlist etc.

Player Pro Music Player
Best music player for your android phone you can download its free version which is a trail for 7 days if you want to download full version then you can download its pro version here, you can browse and listen to music by singers, genres, albums, songs, playlists, etc.

Win Amp Music Player
Win amp is another best and widely used music player for both PC and Android phones, and it has both versions free and pro you can download it for free if you want to use trial version of the Winamp player or you can download pro version also which will cost you about 267 INR.

Neutron Music Player
This also a good player for android it has a nice and easy interface to use its some of the best features. It has 32/64-bit audio processing for high-quality HD audio and it supports almost all major audio formats so you can play most of the audio files very easily on your phone.

GoneMAD Music Player
A nice music player for your android phone you can download both trial or pro version of the app from Google play market the interface is quite easy and easily customizable. It has 14 days trial period.
n7player Music Player
This is the best music player I ever used for any mobile phone the music navigation is very good and an innovative 3D mp3 and music player. great menu interface and the home screen is awesome. It automatically downloads all the musical arts for your songs and albums and it puts it automatically on the main menu. But this not free if you want to use trial version you can download it for free for only 14 days. or you can purchase it which will cost you about 134.25 INR. 
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