How to Know if Someone Else Logged Into Your Facebook Account

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While logging in to Facebook account there are many people who forget to unlock the ‘Remember Me’ option into their web browser, when people logged in to their account by enabling the remember me option the user information gets stored in the browser as cookies and it can be easily accessible for some users. people often use different laptops or PCs to log in to their Facebook account and if they don’t remember to unlock the remember me option before login then this could be harmful to their account.

Trick to Secure Your Facebook Account to be Hacked
Now to avoid such kind of things or to know if someone else is using your Facebook account there is an option available on Facebook that you can use to avoid such things. Just follow the steps below.


1- First thing you will need to do is get registered your phone number with Facebook if you already have registered your phone number with your Facebook account then you can go ahead and follow the next step below and if you haven’t registered your phone number you can register it here

2- Click Here and go to the Facebook security and notification page and then just check both Email and SMS options and click save now sign out from your account and log in again this time Facebook will ask you to about your Device just give the name and check ‘never ask me again’.

How to Know if Someone Else Logged In to Your Facebook Account

3- Now if you get any alert from Facebook then just go to account Security Setting > Active Sessions and click end activity which you get suspicious activity and then you can change your password to secure your Facebook account.

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