How is Technology Impacting on Modern Fashion?

How is Technology Impacting on Modern Fashion?

When one thinks about technology and fashion in the same sphere, it is typical that thoughts turn to sporting pursuits. For the last 10 or so years, the launch of every new sports kit whether it is for soccer, cycling, or tennis has been greeted with a wall of technology as to why wearing a certain material in a certain way boosts performance. Of course, the attitudes of mainstream society would probably argue that sporting clothes are not fashionable at all, so therefore the argument is a dud. While there is perhaps mileage in that – no-one wants to see your Manchester United shirt worn with denim in a nightclub, after all – there is a definite movement of fashion moving towards a bigger reliance on technology. We looked at how technology is impacting on mainstream fashion, and what the future may look like.

Within Clothing

Although sports and performance clothing is widely known about and very well documented, there are technological innovations starting to show in the mainstream markets. For example, Chinese scientists have been able to develop a technology to such a degree that a raincoat can become self-cleaning, and even one that changes colour depending on the weather conditions and temperature on a given day. Silly accessories such as “mood rings” used to be laughed at, however clothing that can change colour and clean itself is bound to be well received.


Knowing What Looks Good

All across the internet, there are examples of outfit builders that use simple principles in order to help men to dress their best at all times. This means that, thanks to technology, it could soon at some point in the near future be near impossible for men to dress badly. Women everywhere will no doubt be rejoicing at such a possibility, especially when it comes to considering their own partners!
For now, outfit building technology is confined to the internet, but how long before men can walk into a retail store, tap their dimensions and features into an in-store terminal, and be presented with the clothes on sale in store that are perfect for them? We can only dream for now.

Digital Tailoring

Some traditional tailors are still using the old tape measure technique for measuring men, however digital tailors are becoming more and more common. While these are currently only used for the usual tailored items such as suits and shirts, the next step is surely to extend this out to all types of clothing. Are we headed for a technology driven era of fashion where our perfect colours and styles are matched with our dimensions to give men a faultless appearance at all times.

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