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More and more, the fundamental activities and needs of the business world are moving onto the Internet. Interactions with customers and suppliers, financial transactions and purchase orders, data storage, and internal communication can be handled much more easily and efficiently online, as numerous companies are discovering. Especially for small businesses, that efficiency is vital, as is the ability to extend your company’s reach beyond your immediate community. When your business can respond nimbly to new opportunities and challenges, it’s more able to grow and succeed.
However, successfully managing all of your business’s necessary functions electronically requires an application infrastructure; like a physical infrastructure, IBM Websphere software creates and manages connections between applications, and between your applications and operating system, enabling you to support and organize the various programs and applications that you need to run your business.

How IBM Websphere Software Can Benefit Your Small Business

Getting Connected
IBM Websphere is a suite of application and integration middleware that gives you the power to create applications and to integrate those applications with one another and with your operating system. If you’ve ever run into compatibility issues when installing a new program, you understand the importance of ensuring that all of your applications mesh smoothly with one another. Websphere can help make sure that the applications you need can interact with one another successfully to transfer and filter data and provide other necessary functionalities.

Benefits of WebSphere
Websphere allows you to connect different elements of your business, making it easier to manage and control. For instance, when you need to access information securely, from within your office’s intranet or remotely, you can get it. Websphere facilitates access to your database management systems and allows you to link databases in distinct physical locations – you can access or merge data from sales, payroll, or accounting from different stores or cross-reference information between departments.
The ability to connect and communicate remotely and securely is a significant boon to eCommerce businesses. Using middleware, Internet-based retailers can conduct fast and secure transactions across a variety of computer environments without risking the safety of their customers’ financial data. Other industries that handle sensitive information, like health care, also benefit from the safe interfaces that Websphere enables between disparate computer systems.

Fulfilling Your Needs
From the perspective of the user, Websphere offers a simpler and more efficient interface between you and the functionality your business needs. Whether you’re accessing your email, managing your databases, or tracking your transaction history, Websphere software helps you keep things organized and integrated. By keeping all the data you need right at your fingertips, you ensure that your business remains agile and adaptable, ready to meet new challenges, solve problems before they start, and seize the moment to take advantage of opportunities. 

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