Turn Social Media Marketing Into A Powerful Weapon for Your Real Estate Business

Turn Social Media Marketing Into A Powerful Weapon

In today’s rough real estate market, every agent is looking for a way to improve their business. One of the best ways someone can improve their real estate business is by implementing a social media marketing campaign. People are interacting with each other much more frequently online these days thanks to social media websites such as Twitter and Facebook. By creating profiles on these social media websites and engaging in the conversations taking place, a real estate agent can raise awareness about their business and increase their number of clients.

Before you start trying to market your real estate business via social media websites, you need to develop a sound strategy. By having a plan in place, you can periodically step back from your marketing efforts to see how effective they actually are. If you are not seeing the results you had hoped for, you can make changes to your marketing strategy to improve them. Here are a few ways how you can use social media to your advantage when looking to market your real estate business online.

Turn Social Media Marketing Into A Powerful Weapon for Your Real Estate Business

Personalize your Profiles
Most social media websites allow you to personalize your profile by changing its appearance or uploading images. Personalizing all of your social media profiles will help with your branding as everyone who visits one of your social media profiles will immediately be able to recognize your real estate business.
One effective way to personalize your social media profile to help with your branding is to place a professional head shot on your profile. You will want to use the same head shot on all of your social media profiles so people can instantly recognize you, and attribute all of your content to the right author.


Provide Value
Whenever you post content to your social media accounts, you need to provide your followers with some type of value. This will help you position yourself as an industry expert as people will enjoy reading all of the content you produce. By being thought of as an industry expert, you will gain credibility within your local market, which in turn will help you gain the trust of potential clients.
Also, when you only post high quality content to your social media accounts, you will increase the chances of someone following your profile because they genuinely are interested in what you have shared. By attracting more followers to your social media accounts, you will be able to drive more traffic to your real estate website, which should be set up to convert visitors into clients.

Interact with Others
While it may be tempting to only share content with others via your social media accounts, it is important that you interact with others on these websites as well. You need to use your social media accounts to develop relationships with your potential clients and other industry professionals. By engaging in the conversations taking place on these social media websites, you will further be able to position yourself as an expert in your field by answering any questions and concerns people may have about the real estate industry.

Avoid Spamming
One of the cardinal sins real estate agents make with their social media accounts is they only advertise their current listings or services. While there is a time and place to share your new listings via your social media accounts, you want to also mix in some other content that your followers will find informative. If you only advertise your listings and services, you will find it is difficult to maintain a large number of followers, which will decrease the amount of success you see from your social media marketing efforts.

Advertising your real estate business online is an excellent way to increase your number of clients. With so many people logging into their social media accounts on a daily basis, the opportunity to reach a large number of potential clients by using sites such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Google+ is too great for real estate agents to ignore. Developing a social media marketing strategy that ensures you provide your followers with high quality, valuable content is a great way to grow your real estate business.

Ben is in Internet marketing for more than 5 years. He helped many companies to improve their online rankings. Here Ben shared some of his tips from social media campaign he was doing for arvernebythesea.com . well known real estate firm from New York.

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