5 Awesome Apps for Teaching Kids about Cooking

If you have any young, budding chefs in the kitchen, then it is only natural that you should want to nurture that interest and watch it grow into cooking confidence. Your mobile device is the perfect assistant for helping you do exactly that. Where do you begin? Here are five awesome apps for teaching kids about cooking:

Big Fork Little Fork by Kraft New Services, Inc. 
This app is packed full of easy to follow recipes, nutritional information, instructional videos featuring kids, and informative games that will foster an interest in cooking and nutrition, no matter what your child’s age. Have a picky eater? If so, the Big Fork Little Fork app may just be the perfect solution, offering a “Picky Eaters” section, catering specifically to those kids whose taste buds might be a little less adventurous than the “norm.”

Dr. Panda’s Restaurant by TribePlay.
This fun and interactive app is suitable for all ages. Even you might learn a thing or two by working he levels in Dr. Panda’s Restaurant. From the easy to use interface of this app, you can play mini-games amidst Dr. Panda’s fun animal crew, and you can even follow real-life recipes to recreate the menu items on the app. There are two versions of Dr. Panda’s – a free and a paid one – so feel free to learn the ropes in the free version before unlocking even more recipes and fun in the paid version.

5 Awesome Apps
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Toca Kitchen by Toca Boca AB. 
This gold medal winner of the 2012 Parent’s Choice Award is perfect for pre-readers, featuring fun and simple games that will teach chefs-in-the-making all of the important, basic cooking terms, like puree, sauté, and seasoning. It is also likely that Toca Kitchen’s fun cast of characters might even have you, the parent, giggling in delight.

Little Cook by Aqility. 
If you have children between the ages of four and seven, then this is the perfect app for getting their creative juices flowing in the kitchen. Little Cook makes meal planning both fun and educational for the little ones, allowing them the opportunity to create a menu and choose ingredients for their favorite meals.

The Doodle series by Shoe the Goose. 
Young children, especially, really enjoy the creative play provided for by this 2011 Parent’s Choice Award winner. There are four apps in the series – Cookie Doodle, Cake Doodle, Jelly Doodle, and Candy Doodle – and they all inspire children to experiment with different recipes and decorative treatments to create fantasy deserts.

As you can see, there is no shortage of great apps for kids who want to learn more about what goes on in the kitchen. If you are interested in teaching your little ones how to cook, then check out one – or all – of these awesome apps!

Moises Stumpp and his family enjoy cooking together. He is currently working to open his own cafe and is looking at a restaurant pos system as well as new cooking equipment and dining room furniture. He should be able to open in about 6 months.

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