As a new year of business begins, many businesses are starting to take a good look at their current systems to find out how to improve quality management across the board. Over the past year alone, quality systems have seen a number of innovations and growth opportunities, resulting in better user experience for companies.

For 2013, industry leaders such as Gartner predict even more good things to come. What this means for you and your business is the ability to make your quality programs work even better in 2013, for more accessibility, more features and more benefits.

What Can You Expect from Quality Management Systems This Year?

So what does Gartner predict for the IT industry and quality management sector in particular? Here are some key trends that could pave the way for more innovation for the next few years.

1. Strategic Big Data

The Gartner report for technology trends in 2013 states that “utilization levels and compute-to-energy ratios are paramount by 2013.” As performance levels increase, smaller data centers have the capacity to handle far larger volumes of data. The idea of ‘Big Data’ also focuses on “logical growth without physical growth”, which could mean better efficiency for remote data centers.

Evolution of Tech

2. Hybrid IT and Cloud Computing

The cloud is by no means a new concept, but Gartner predicts that by 2016, more companies will embrace the trend with their own mixture of hybrid IT solutions. Compared to a traditional model of servers being manually configured, and software running on desktops, the cloud paves the way for no servers, automated updates and other online systems.

3. Integrated Ecosystems

Another trend that could affect quality management in a good way is the transition to integrated systems. What this means is increased automation, a separation of hardware and software, better network management and broader IT systems. For companies updating their quality systems, integrated solutions will help to streamline processes more effectively, especially with the addition of cloud trends for the years ahead.

While these are just some of the predicted trends for technology as a whole, the points above illustrate just how much business & quality management software has evolved to focus on user-centric features. Users are now able to more effectively manage their businesses, staff and procedures with the help of easy to use, cloud hosted software that assists with business automation.

As the year gets underway, more and more companies are being presented with such tools, and they’re helping them get the results. Shouldn’t you have a good hard look at how your business runs and how you can make it run better in 2013?

Christopher Stainow is Chief Executive of Lennox Hill QMS; creators of iso Tracker Quality Management System & Document Management Software. We ensure the quality of your business processes and documentation to assist in business efficiency. Follow us on Facebook & Twitter.