How to Avoid IT Outsourcing Slip-Ups

IT Outsourcing

Outsourcing information technology functions can be one of the more beneficial things for a company to do. When outsourcing IT functions, a business will have the means to save money and improve their economic situation.

However, just because they outsource IT services, does not mean they should just forget about the services and not be attentive to what is being done in their day-to-day operations. With a number of possible things that can go wrong, it is important that a business do everything they can to avoid making errors.


Among the most common errors with IT outsourcing are in regards to: not providing specific expectations, not budgeting properly and with overriding the IT professional. These are fairly common mistakes that can end up costing a company a lot of money so it is important for business owners to educate themselves on methods for avoiding these probable errors.

Errors with Outsourcing IT Services

Neglecting to Define Detailed Expectations

The first IT outsourcing error is not providing specific expectations. It is important for business managers to remember that when contacting an IT professional to obtain IT services, provide precise instructions that are not vague. When time is not spent setting expectations, the company will not get what they need to be done and the IT professional, will not help you as best they can.

Overriding Authority

Another outsourcing problem that may occur is in regard to overriding the IT professional. This is simply telling the IT professional what to do despite not having any expertise. When doing this, you can cause a lot of conflict and disruption.

When this happens your IT tasks may not get done properly and on a timely basis. In order to avoid this situation it will be best to give them instructions and let them do the tasks the way they know how. In other words, trust their expertise and allow them to get the tasks done the way they need to be done.

Poor Budgeting

Not budgeting properly is another problem that may occur with IT outsourcing. If you do not have a grasp on how much it will cost to get IT tasks successfully completed, it may lead to economic setbacks. In order to avoid this problem it will be necessary to find out ahead of time how much the IT services are estimated to cost. This way, you can budget properly and avoid any possible conflicts. Read how to determine IT outsourcing cost.

No Exit Strategy

The last IT outsourcing mistake a company can make is in reference to long-term solutions and neglecting to address an exit strategy. This does not include a way to stop working with the IT professional in case you need help that is long term.

To avoid this, it is a good idea to have them do some small and brief projects for you. Having an exit strategy is a necessity because a business must prepare for when the IT professional is no longer there to offer guidance and support.

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