Why An SMTP Email Server Service Can Save You Marketing Time


SMTP Email Server Service

Sending out regular email often requires you to access your mail service website (google, yahoo, MSN) or your Outlook account, write your email and send it. This works fabulously when you only have one email to send out. Regrettably it’s not that easy when you are sending out bulk emails. When sending out thousands of emails at once, these conventional email websites don’t work as they often don’t support bulk mailings and even have specific restrictions in place.

What are your options then?

You can contract the services of an SMTP email server or run your own SMTP server. Both work well for bulk email marketing campaigns but a personal SMTP server can be a substantial investment.


The Difference

Using the services of an external SMTP hosting company is fairly inexpensive, costing a few hundred dollars a year, whereas running your own SMTP server can cost several thousand dollars. Primarily because you have to purchase a dedicated server, find the office space to run it, hire qualified IT personnel to manage it and purchase the Microsoft Exchange server program that runs the emails. This second option is really only cost efficient for companies with thousands of employees. Smaller companies may do best by outsourcing to an SMTP email server company.

SMTP Email Server Service
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The Benefits of SMTP Service

There are more than a few benefits to using a qualified SMTP email service. Your main benefit, of course, is cost, but there are also a few other reasons which we will list here.
– Clients, users, colleagues and anyone working for the company can relay messages from any point on earth, using just one secure SMTP server.

– An SMTP email relay service offers the highest security. This is, after all, their business, and as such they implement the highest technologies in security measures, which in turn ensures that all of your email data is kept safe but also backed up safely.

– Once you’ve contracted the SMTP outbound server you don’t have to worry about IT management or support, as these issues are dealt with by the company who is managing your email database.

– By sending your mail through an SMTP outbound server you ensure more of the recipients actually receive the message. Some mail from regular mail servers gets blocked because the recipient’s computer knows that your computer or traditional mail service is not an SMTP server.
– The use of an SMTP relay server offers the option of sending non-personalized messages which can make sending bulk mailings of more than 1,000 emails faster.

The Bulk Mailing Process

One of the biggest issues for network marketers is bulk mailings, especially when it comes to failed recipients. When you use a conventional email service or even your own server one of the biggest problems is resending temporarily failed to deliver emails. An outsourced email server is always online so it can continue to try to transmit automatically for a set period of time.

How to Choose the Right SMTP Relay Provider?

Before contracting the SMTP service you want to review different providers. Compare services against costs and be sure to check for reviews on specific companies to see what their customer service response time is and how well they deal with customer issues.

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