Keeping In Mind The Server Log Data When Optimizing

A server log is a record file(s) of data that is automatically created and updated as a certain activity progress. For example, ever noticed there is a history of page requests maintained – under the history tab –that updates with every new page you open on the internet? That’s a pretty common example of a server log. The data or information on it is the server log data.

To keep up to date with recent developments, and ensure that their websites are always found in the search results of the top search engines; a lot of people opt to optimize their websites. This is often true of bloggers. However, sometimes, they can run into trouble. More often than not, we’ve found that this results in a crash, which generally results in a loss of the records or server log data.

Common Problems That Can Occur
Some problems people face can be:

  • The system times out while saving data
  • The software you’re trying to operate works very slow etc.
Server Log Data

Simple and Effective Solutions
Here are some of the solutions that we found that could possibly help those who have made the error of not bearing in mind their server log data when they tried to optimize their sites. While we do recommend talking to experts before tackling this, some basic things one should remember are:

  • Turn on database auto close to close unused connections.
  • Perform data partitioning
  • Inspect indexes
  • Create scheduled job to clear memory and buffer cache, for example every 2 hours
  • Optimize only one thing at a time
  • Have clear goals in mind – no mission creeping halfway through
  • Carry out tests that allow you to test the change you made- did you plan for everything!
  • Remember that the real test begins when you make your data public, how much load can it really handle?
  • Create stimulations- Estimate, Research, Calculate

These are just some of the methods experts advise you to try. Again, we recommend that you refer to an expert before trying to optimize your site. You put in a lot of work, time and/or money to get it up. You might as well have the best people in the business giving you advice rather than try to tweak it yourself and end up with nothing left. (No we’re not trying to scare you, but better safe than sorry right?)

Site optimization is no easy task. The end results make all the effort worth it, but then again, only if you got things right while actually working towards your goals. We cannot stress enough the importance of talking to experts. Not only will they help you clear out your goals and help you come up with practical solutions to your problems should you go wrong somewhere down the line, they’ll also be able to guide you through the process to make sure you don’t make any mistakes the first time through –or at least, not the fatal kind.

Scott Heron is a freelance expert in the field of Search Engine Optimization and PPC management. He is based in Edinburgh and has over 5 years of experience regarding SEO techniques and solving the problems that come along with it. If you want to know more, you can email Scott or visit his website Scott Heron Dot Me.

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