The Modern Sedentary Lifestyle

Sedentary lifestyles are becoming increasingly common in the United States. Even though the average American’s schedule is more hectic and fast-paced that it had been in previous years, there is still less time spent on physical activities. This is due to careers and lifestyles that involve long hours at the desk, and can wreak havoc on the entire body.

Leading a sedentary lifestyle can cause an abundance of complications related to both physical and mental health. Common side effects of sedentary lifestyles include the following:

  • Unhealthy body weight.
  • Increased risk of type 2 diabetes.
  • Poor circulation.
  • Increased risk of developing high blood pressure.
  • Increased risk of high cholesterol and heart disease. In fact, some studies point to evidence that sedentary lifestyles can just as harmful to the heart as smoking.
  • Depression, anxiety and other mental health concerns.
  • Problems with bones, muscles and joints. This can include poor posture, aches and pains, etc.
Modern Sedentary Lifestyle

So how can individuals who work at a desk all day get in the recommended amounts of physical activity? Thankfully, there are a variety of ways to incorporate healthy activities and behaviors into inactive lifestyles. The following pointers will explain ways to avoid the risks associated with inactivity.


1. Use Technology

When it comes to kicking the sedentary habit, technology is on our side. To avoid the risks that go along with sitting for long hours, alarms can be set on cell phones, laptops, etc., reminding you that it’s time to move. For example, setting an hourly alarm for standing, stretching or walking around the room can slash risks associated with poor circulation and posture, and can also increase mental clarity and alertness.
Other ways that technology can promote good health are through diet and exercise and apps. There are a wide variety of these types of apps available, including those that count calories and carbohydrates, calculate body mass index and track walking, jogging and biking routes. These fitness-friendly apps can provide motivation, knowledge and accountability in the battle against poor diet and inactivity, so break out your smart phone and start downloading!

2. Eat Smart

We all know that a diet that’s low in fat and calories will reduce weight and lead to better overall health. However, with busy lifestyles, eating right can often be a challenge. The best way to stick with a diet plan is to eat a healthy, balanced diet full of fresh, nutritious foods that you actually enjoy. Beware of fad diets and “convenient” fast food and prepackaged meals. These foods are full of fat, calories, sodium and potentially-harmful chemicals that only exacerbate damage done by inactive lifestyles. Instead, stock up on tasty foods with fewer ingredients. Opt for high-energy snacks like nuts and raw fruit to beat the mid-afternoon slump and drink plenty of water to hydrate the system and improve circulation.

3. Make Every Activity Count

Even in the most inactive lifestyles, there are ways to sneak in physical activity. Taking the stairs, walking a few blocks during your lunch hour and convenient workout DVD’s are all great ways to tone muscle, burn calories and break sedentary habits.

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