The Same But Not – The Samsung Galaxy S II vs. The HTC One X

Samsung Galaxy S II vs. The HTC One X 
Making a purchasing decision when you want to buy a cell phone can be hard, there are just so many similar models out there. But the trick is in knowing the real difference between models. The Samsung Galaxy S II and the HTC One X are an excellent example of this.
On paper, they look pretty similar. They’re both 3.5G phones, they both run Android’s 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich operating system, they’re even in a comparable price range. But when you look more closely, these phones are not really as similar as they may appear. One of them is clearly better than the other…

Why the HTC One X Rocks…
There are a few reasons why these phones aren’t really the same, and the first has to do with speed.

The HTC One X runs a faster processor than the Galaxy, a 1500 MHz processor compared to a 1200 MHz one. This makes the HTC thirty per cent faster and more responsive than the Galaxy, and that’s a lot. You also get faster maximum data speeds, a full twenty three times faster. That means your downloads are quicker and your web pages load faster.


The screen is another big difference. The screen on the HTC is around twenty per cent larger than the Galaxy. It’s also of a higher resolution (about two and a half times better) and has forty per cent better PPI (pixels per inch), meaning that the picture quality on the HTC is clearer, more defined and shows better colour than the Galaxy.

Samsung Galaxy S II vs. The HTC One X

The HTC comes with double the internal storage (32 GB compared to 16 GB), which means double the amount of photos and movies on your device. You also get significantly more standby time (seventeen days compared to seven days), and more talk time too. The HTC averages around ten hours of talk time per battery charge cycle, as opposed to the Galaxy’s seven hours of talk time.
All of this adds up to a pretty stellar phone.

What Can the Galaxy Do?
There’s really only one reason that you would choose the Galaxy over the HTC, which is size. The hand set is slightly smaller by around twenty per cent (it runs at around 66 by 125 mm compared to the HTC’s 69 by 134 mm). It’s also around ten per cent lighter, weighing in at 116 g compared to the HTC’s 130 g.

Not the Same at All…
Clearly, despite being at more or less the same price point, looking similar, and running the same operating system, these phones really aren’t comparable at all. Size is the Galaxy’s only advantage over the HTC, but small size and portability really doesn’t make up for the huge differences in functionality.

When it comes to buying a phone, speed, screen quality and reliability are the factors that really matter.

All this means that the HTC is obviously a far better device in many ways than the Galaxy One X.

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