Blackberry Phones – Small, but Perfectly Formed

BlackBerry users will know that these handsets have many different advantages to them but these may not be evident to those who have not used one. After all, the BlackBerry tends to be smaller than other smartphones, it has a smaller screen and what is it with that QWERTY keyboard that looks too small to use? These might come across as negative points, but they are actually positive points if you view it the right way.

Size Does Matter
The size of the BlackBerry is a definite advantage. Who wants a smartphone that resembles a small computer? While some people do, there are others that want to be able to fit their phone into a pocket. It is also perfect for business users – there is no need to cart around a laptop computer to respond to emails. The various features of the phone are also an advantage. In one small handset you can make calls, send text messages, send emails, take a photo and get on to the internet, and again, this is perfect for anyone who is on the go all the time such as the business user.

Blackberry Phones
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Touch Screen
One of the disadvantages in the past compared to other smartphones has been the lack of a touch screen but this is something that the manufacturers have addressed and there are now several models of BlackBerry that have been given a touchscreen. So why is a touchscreen important? It can save time when you are out and about and want to access one of the features of the phone in a hurry.


Perfectly Formed
The QWERTY keyboard is a handy feature and while it is small, you will quickly become accustomed to the small size and will soon be texting and emailing with ease. The small screen is also perfect for sending emails and texts, although it does make surfing the web a little more difficult. However, as the BlackBerry was designed with the business user in mind this is not so important for many users.

The Original Mobile Email Solution
Communicating with lots of people at the same time is a breeze with the BlackBerry. You can email easily and the phone can be synced with work or personal emails to make sure that you have instant access to the messages that you need. The business user has had their life made a great deal easier with this particular handset as you can be reached quickly either by phone or by email.

Ever Ready Battery
Battery life on a Blackberry is also good when compared to other smartphones. Most will only last a day with moderate use but most BlackBerry users will get more than this from them. Heavy users may still need to charge the battery on a daily basis but the battery is unlikely to let you down unless you have forgotten to charge it.

Great Value
Finally, the BlackBerry is one of the most cost effective smartphones around. Available free of charge on many contracts, the monthly cost of the contract is often fairly low when compared with that of other smartphones.

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