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This fully functioning smoke detector has a pinhole color camera and a built in digital recorder. It is an easy to use system which has many features and settings. This device gives 64 hours of video/audio recording. The 32GB S/D memory card can be used with the motion detection mode to give the option of full function overwrite over the oldest footage or to change the SD card. This flexible battery and mains operated system gives you the options to set the recordings to scheduled, motion, or continuous settings. You can use the remote control function to change the settings of all functions on the device, including, to record quality to high, low or medium level. This great hidden camera has a date and time overlay which is a useful tool when using the footage for evidence in court.

How Can This Spy Camera Be Used?
This spy camera can be used in both the home and the workplace to great effect. It is important to have a fully working smoke alarm in both these areas and this makes this device even less detectable. No one would think to look up to the ceiling if they were looking for a spy device. Smoke alarms are generally fitted to the ceiling in hallways and bigger rooms. The kitchen seems to be a sensible place but as they are very sensitive, cooking steam can set them off prematurely and without need.

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Hallways are a good spot for a camera as it gives the ability to track people’s movements throughout the area. You will be able to see who enters a home or office and which room they go into. From the time and date stamp it is easy to work out how long that person was on the premises for. This type of camera is good to guard cupboards, printers locked cabinets to see who is abusing your trust or their freedom.

Real Life Case Where This Smoke Alarm Camera Has Been Used
This is the most popular use for a smoke alarm hidden camera. Does your domestic cleaner give it their all each day or are they trying to fit jobs in all on one day so they can take off the odd afternoon each week. This is the question one husband and wife had about their home help. The jobs were being done but not up to the previous standard of work from this cleaner. They often came home to the faint whiff of cigarette smoke but no other evidence of smoking.

Sometimes the husband thought that his whiskey had gone down but he was never quite sure. Some days the house would be completely spotless and other days very much less so. Something needed to be done to find out the truth behind this funny little issue so they installed a couple of smoke alarm camera recorders, one in the hall and one on the landing.

They gave a good view of the house, including the back and front doors downstairs and a view into one of the bedrooms and a bathroom. The cleaner had a rotor to follow, which was always done but something wasn’t right. The cleaner was smoking out the back door while on the mobile to her friend and then gave a couple of sprays of air freshener.

On the Monday she did two days’ work in one day and again on the Tuesday. She took Wednesday and Thursday afternoons off and then only turned up for an hour on Friday. The couple’s mystery had ended and so did the cleaners job after she helped herself to a large glass of the husband’s best whiskey during the hour she came in on the Friday.

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