Job Hunting With Your IPhone

Job Hunting With Your IPhone
In the competitive job market of today, any advantages you may hold should be utilized to their full potential. By using your iPhone you can increase your chances of successfully finding a job. When looking for employment, there are many hurdles which you have to leap over, your iPhone can help you every step of the way.

I would recommend the following five apps to you:


As well as keeping you updated on new jobs which become available, this app lets you sign into your Monster account and apply for these directly from your iPhone. The search tool is excellent; it allows you to search by keywords and location. If you are looking to work in another country, the app allows you the option of changing countries; hence you are able to browse through vacancies in that country.


The app has a superb feature, whereby it uses GPS to determine your location, thus you are able to quickly view vacancies which you are interested in, all within the vicinity of your hometown. It also possesses a feature which allows you to save jobs and leaf through them at a later date.

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JobServe is another excellent search tool. You are able to refine and set parameters, such as job industry, area, type of employment i.e. permanent, contract or temporary. It has excellent filters, allowing you to plough your way through the huge lists and easily narrow them down. JobServe also allows you to save jobs to your favourites, so you are able to later browse through them. If you have a friend in need of a job, it allows you to easily send vacancies via email.


LinkedIn allows you to keep in touch with colleagues, both old and new; it helps you to build up your network. It has an extremely useful feature, where you are able to see who has looked at your profile recently, allowing you to reach out to any potential employers.

LinkedIn also acts as a search tool, where you can see updates from groups, people in the industry, recruitment agencies and other potential employers; you can easily stay on the lookout for new job openings.

Pocket CV

Once you have found an opening for the job of your dreams, the next step is applying. This app helps you to do just that, it allows you to create an impressive CV; it is a simple but extremely effective app. It has eight excellent layouts to choose from. If you have a LinkedIn account, the process is made easier by importing data from your account. You are able to directly mail your finished product from the app itself.

Interview Skills

After applying for numerous vacancies, the next step in becoming an employed and valued member of society is usually the dreaded interview. If an employer decides to recruit you at this stage, generally the interview will be the deciding factor. This app is an invaluable resource when it comes to preparing for an interview. It provides you with fantastic advice, and even videos. Its greatest strength lies in allowing you to stand in the shoes of the interviewer; as a result you are able to understand what the interviewer wants to hear.

The apps which have been mentioned all help you to get ahead of the game; however they should be used as a supplementary tool. Don’t discard the more traditional means of job hunting; never underestimate the power of recruitment agencies and face to face contact with potential employers.

Ross Davies recently found work through using only his iPhone from the comfort of his living room. Within a week he had a found the job, sent the CV and attended the interview.

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