Marketing Mastery: How To Generate Buzz Around Your Videos

Are you ready to rack up more page views? Creating a massive buzz around your videos grows easy if you pay attention to viral videos. Check out the presentation. Notice how all of the massively successful videos have the “It” factor? That special energy you just cannot put your finger on, but you feel it for sure. This is how to create a buzz, and this is how to create more page views, identifying and snagging that factor, and using it to your advantage.

Consider Changing Your Background

If you want to boost page views try changing up your background. Maybe heading down to the beach to shoot videos is a better idea than using a bland, white background. You can easily use nature to add a more peaceful, calm and relaxed air to your presentations, or you can move in the opposite direction and charge things up by moving into a high energy environment. You choose.

Creating a massive buzz around your videos
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Decide on the nature of the video and pick a background which vibes with your environment. One note: stay away from bland or poor quality backgrounds. Hanging out in a low energy location scares away prospects. If you are well over due for a kitchen overhaul, avoid using your kitchen as a background. Head out into the yard. Shoot away.


Promote Aggressively Across Networks

Promote your video aggressively on social networks like Google Plus, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn to increase page views and create a buzz around your brand quickly. Use social bookmarking sites like Reddit, StumbleUpon, Yahoo Bookmarks and Google Bookmarks to spread the word too. These high ranking websites can help boost your video’s positioning in search engines. Take the time to bookmark each post on these sites to generate more views and pop around each video.

People prefer to digest their content through multiple mediums. Be quick to serve up the content through as many platforms as possible to leverage your presence quickly. Avoid sharing on networks where crickets show up. Your job is not to spend hours bookmarking each post on social networks. You are supposed to be prolific, create great content and share across social networks where you maintain an active presence.

Use Colorful Adjectives and Power Verbs

Using fun, attention-grabbing words helps snare the focus of potential viewers. Pull out your thesaurus and get to work. In no time you can become more creative and generate serious interest in your videos with a little snazzy ad copy. Focus on using power verbs, words that your viewers can easily visualize. Do the leg work for your viewers and you will be rewarded for your mental due diligence in the form of increased clicks.

Using colorful adjectives makes your titles clickable. More clicks mean more views and more views increases the likelihood that you will create buzz around your video offerings. Patiently test different words. Gauge what people are clicking on and make these your go to ad copy words or phrases, and release what no longer works.

Practice Makes Better

Practice creating videos on a weekly basis. Churn out 1 to 3 videos each week to increase your creativity. By posting videos you learn what works and what generates little interest. You naturally create more buzz worthy videos by finding and acting on your true voice. Be patient; it takes time to up your presentation skills and make a serious impact on the video world but the time spent is well worth it. You will be able to create a buzz and expand your brand quickly when your videos are top shelf.

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