I started out one year ago and decided to try and market my music through YouTube. I had heard enough success stories involving musicians and YouTube to be on board and ready to hit it strong. Justin Bieber was the one that stuck out to me the most. His videos were simple and easy to produce as a musician. Seeing his success with hundreds of millions of views, I wanted a little share of the music fame via YouTube.

Opening A New YouTube Account
It was super easy to setup the video account. It literally connected to my gmail account and I was ready to upload videos in under 10 minutes. Customizing my channel could come later after my videos had views and popularity. The setup process was the easiest part of everything.

YouTube Success Story
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Finding Great Content and Ideas for Videos
I knew that my music was going to be the majority of my content but I still needed catchy things in the videos for people to want to watch the video. I know that the image that shows what the video is about is a huge deal breaker. I later found out that these are called video thumbnails.

After wasting a week of thinking about what I could produce that would be epic, I just decided to get some videos up to at least start my video channel. My videos consisted of me sitting on a bar stool with my guitar and me playing. We had to mess around with sounds an rooms to get a good sound through the video, but we got some content to work with.

Video Editing for Visual Happiness
I worded that funny just to make you think a bit. What could “visual happiness” mean to a person watching a video of music? When you watch a video are you happy with what you are seeing? You need to edit your videos accordingly to what your viewers are going to be happy seeing. If your viewers are happy with what they are seeing, then they will “Like” your video or share it.

Three Words: Share, Like & Subscribe
Your videos need to be as many places on the Internet as possible. Look into setting up a “google alerts” email generator. It consists of you setting up a certain phrase and when its found on the Internet, you are emailed of its location. For example, jimmy shared this music that was awesome on a forum consisting of “indie rock song” and you just got emailed of its location. Go to that location and share your indie rock song too.

Getting Videos Everywhere
Sharing your videos is the name of the game. The videos need that push to commence the viral stage of catching on to other viewers. Also remember that this doesn’t happen over night. Videos take time for people to watch an filtrate through the Internet. Keep at it and you will succeed like I did. I wrote this guide to help others get a record label like I helped myself achieve.

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